Would this impinge my chances of joing greatly?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Subtleknife, Oct 27, 2009.

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  1. Hi,
    This is my first post so if I have done anything wrong (such as posting in the wrong forum) I'll apologize in advance.
    The question I have is basically, I have just started university and hopefully after finishing my course in 2012 I hope to join the army as an officer. However, the problem is I haven't got much on my CV which would suggest that I have taken an interest in the army. I've read loads of books on the subject but I've never joined anything practical due to playing sport such as rugby etc. I was going to join the otc at university but unfortunately it would've involved commuting on a train to London and it would have impinged on rugby and studying. I was wondering if this would effect my chances greatly of joining? Or would the fact that I play lots of sport and my degrees academic be enough? Also, is there anything I could do that would improve my CV for joining, I've just found out there is a TA unit right on my doorstep but I'm uncertain with the situation at the moment regarding the TA, probably just best to go down and ask right?
    Thanks in advance
  2. A familiarisation visit would be a good idea

  3. Don't panic...

    Potential officers come from all backgrounds and just because daddy isn’t a Colonel, or you’ve spent your formative years in the cadets does not mean you are not suitable. You’re obviously enthusiastic and interested hence you have found and posted on Arrse. Your sport will go in your favour and should see you well with the fitness element of selection, unless you’re a 20 stone prop forward...

    The best thing you can do is pop down the local Forces Career centre or see if you can find your University Liaison Officer and have a chat about making those first steps.

    Keep in mind that we are in a recession and more people are seeing a commission as an alternative to entering the private sector hence the competition would be greater if you rushed into AOSB currently. It could be worth your while waiting to 2011/12 when your closer to completing your degree, have more life experience and the recession is coming to an end (hopefully). I would advice going and doing a year or two as a tom in the TA - recruit training is still being undertaken and fingers cross the TA will have operating budget in April 2010 once you have completed phase one training.

    Hope this helps!
  4. Thanks for the quick replies and advice, I'll give the TA a check out then and try and do familiarisation visit.
  5. Subtle - I sent you a pm....
  6. Subtle,

    don't worry about it mate. I have no military experience at all, no CCF, ACF or serving family members and like you, spent my time at school and Uni playing Rugby (a far better way to spend your time!)

    I just passed main board and in all my interviews they were perfectly understanding that I have spent all my spare time playing Rugby - so don't worry about it! I know several TA / OTC guys who have failed AOSB so it is in no way a "foot in the door"

    Having said that getting on a fam visit is a really good idea ad I would have found it beneficial.

    good luck
  7. I'm a military virgin heading to my main board in December. They aren't looking for people who can take apart and re-assemble a Challenger 2 in 10 minutes, if you want to get to know the army more join the OTC. I didn't, but I heard it's a good laugh.
  8. Can I ask what your degree is subtle? It might well be somethnig that attracts them, if that's the case, market it to them. And good luck, I'm in application myself and the advice here is spot on. Hey scaley, sorry been out of contact a while and will PM you later.
  9. A degree has got no relevance unless you are going to a small number of Regiments or Corps. I went through RMAS with people with degrees as wide-ranging as land management, Languages, Philosophy, Theology, History of Art and Sciences (and, of course, non-grads). It's all about you, your personality and a good fit with your preferred unit.
  10. Land Management... you didn't go to Reading, by any chance?
  11. Well, I think the only reason my ACA called me for an interview was the fact I have a degree in Archaeology and what could be more decent an interest for a chap to have than a healthy lust for old artefacts and digging holes in the rain?
  12. Nope, not me! But peers had also come from Cirencester, too.
  13. The degree I'm doing is law. And a quick thank you for all the advice I've been given, it has been very helpful.
  14. Thought I'd quickly add my two penny's worth since I've seemed to rediscover arrse...

    I also studied law at university and was not involved in OTC or cadets (the ones near me were full of juicers) - so had zero experience in anything military. In fact, I was well into my final year when I decided I was going to commit to a career in the army, so ditched my law school offer and did AOSB instead.

    As regards military knowledge, it's always been a side interest, but I was sure to read up on current equipment, structure etc For this, the army website is brilliant, spend a little time on there and flick through the important bits. When you turn up to AOSB, they aren't looking for a 'finished article', or God knows I wouldn't have got into Sandbags. I was probably the least travelled person there.

    Be fit, have a dedicated interest, keep up with current affairs, and throw in a little mental arithmetic for AOSB and you're half way there. Use the next couple of years to do this, and get on some fam visits - not simply because they give you a good understanding of your possible future job, but because they're bloody good fun.

    As mentioned before, the army is full of a vast range of people, with an even vaster range of experiences. A lot of my platoon had civilian jobs in the city, spent their time bumming around the world, or didn't even have degrees. Yet, they're all top blokes and thoroughly capable.

    I hope that helps. Any more info you need, get in touch.

    The Usual.
  15. Culture & Media Studies power! I am going to bore the enemy to death with comparisons of Wife Swap and The Simpsons.