Would this hinder me joining up?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Mr_Nomad, Jan 18, 2010.

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  1. I've recently changed my forename (no details enclosed) and it's only just dawned on me that this could possibly hinder my application. I've still a few years until joining (going uni first) but I ideally just need an answer as to whether it will change anything. I still have my original birth certificate and my deed poll.

  2. Aslong as you have the paperwork then you should be fine.

    By the way what have you changed from/to???
  3. Why should it Tarquin :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. My bold. Although I said I wouldn't disclose that, if you must know (and I am ready for the abuse) I changed it from my given, Joseph (Joe) to Valentine (My grandfathers name, legend in my life, passed away a year ago)
  5. An honourable name, Sir, and as long as you have the legal paperwork, all will be well.

    But should we now change the title of the thread to ask what nicknames will be used on a recruit called Valentine?

    Only joking... :D

  6. Well, considering what I have read around this forum already I can tell you I am not too excited to join up now! Haha. I can deal with nicknames, actually. Atleast I know people know who I am that way!
  7. WHY change your christian name?. I have never used my christian name, but have normally been called Taff, or "Donkey sh****** Barsteward" never had a problem with that , well sometimes when useing DSB in banks,ect
  8. I cant comment on whether it will cause problems joining up, I suspect not since its legally your name.

    At basic no one calls you by your Christian name anyway, its either your surname or a random nickname stolen from Full Metal Jacket.
  9. Thanks for all the replies fellas! I'm not too bothered about it being used at any point, it's just the potential problem that it may have hindered the application. From what you've all said I'm pretty sure it won't now.

    Nomad (Val)
  10. Not a problem. By the time you apply, your new identity will be well established and the army will not have known you by your original name.
    However, I feel you've missed a trick. You should have changed your surname too. Might I suggest Valentine Darling?
    Now thats a name to spice up your career. Personally, I find calling people darling with the obvious and wholly inappropriate inflexion, endlessly entertaining. :)
  11. Darling would be even better as a Captain! Haha
  12. Darling would be even better as a Captain! Haha
  13. That's different to what I had in training. We had to learn the first names of all the guys in our section in the first week and then the first names of the whole troop within the first month. Our instructors hated it if we called each other by each others surname.
  14. Sandhurst is firmly "Mr Xxxxxx" throughout, frankly no-one outside of your platoon will know your first name.

    And if it's a legal name change then you will have no problem. I know of a trooper than changed his surname (for similar reasons to yours) while serving without anyone complaining (well, apart from his new surname being a twat to spell).

    Also, I'm fairly sure there was a relatively recent CO of the HCMR with Valentine as a first name (I might be wrong on this).

    Edited to say: I wasn't wrong - a quick google search brough up Graham Valentine D. Woyka of the Life Guards.