Would this be Walting?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by digitalis, Jan 27, 2008.

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  1. A well meaning relative bought me a pretty smartish blazer, complete with...silver/gilted RMAS buttons on them (looks like the originals have been cut off and new ones sewed on) after enquiring about and the subsequent (confusing) attempt at explaining why I had an RMAS capbadge (DETAPO scheme).

    Don't really fancy hanging the blazer up for some moths to tuck into, walting to wear it though?
  2. Change the buttons. It's uber waltish to wear a Blazer with buttons you have nil affinity to. Fair play to you for asking the Q but it would not be right.
  3. Hold onto that blazer. The issued L1A1 RMAS blazer can withstand just about any abuse you care to hand out. I've seen one egged and flourbombed, slept in on a roundabout on the A30 and take a couple of thunderflashes in the ticket pocket. Through the cleaners and it's like new again. Great stuff.
  4. Agree that if it is rebuttoned Blazer it's worth looking after. My father gave me his hand tailored Blazer 10yrs ago. I had it rebuttoned and it's still rather dapper today. Shot silk polka dot lining and proper buttons that you can undo on the cuff and double breasted. The ex wife hated it and that why she is now Mrs ex 58. I wear it with Jeans, Cords, Chino's, Grey Trousers and it's still pure panache. Some things never go out of fashion and are classic. I think my father's was the more of the .303 issue though !
  5. Why not keep the buttons on and wear it anyway, who would know? Or if not you could just sell it on E bay and get loads of cash for it (well okay, a little cash).
  6. My own view is that double breasted blazers should only be worn in very limited circumstances lest one be mistaken for a Gunner orificer or the club secertary at the local golf club. The RMAS thing is a sartorial abomination. YSL single breasted is the way to go.
  7. You'd better check the back of yours. There's a piece of A4 taped on bearing the huge letters, C O C K.

    Love from an ex-Gunner.
  8. Good old DuffGen, straight in with both feet, again.
  9. Don't worry. You are not expected to know the proper form at all.
  10. Were it not for the fact that you have been outed, I'd think that you were some sort of elaborate emperor-wah. You really are a supercilious little turd aren't you?

    You are a troll but the remarkable thing is that you sincerely don't know it. What's worse - the crashing ignorance or the knowledge that every time you post you make fresh enemies?
  11. If it is "proper form" for a retired Officer to slag off Gunner Officers thenyes, I am a stranger to such form.

    You are too dim to realise that I'm pointing this out.

    I assume that you have silver buttons on your single-breasted jacket, like a true coach driver?
  12. Ah yes, single breasted, 2 buttons, in a nice man-made fabric perhaps? Top it off with a pair of stretch waistband grey trousers, a white short sleeve shirt with pockets and epaulettes and a pair of comfortable rubber soled shoes.


    Very officer under training isn't it!
  13. I didn't think Gunner's wore Scarlet?!!
  14. How totally vulgar.
  15. A bit like asking the price of a private island/jet.

    If you have to ask if you can afford it then you can't. If you think it might be walting it probaly is.