Would things get worse if Labour got rid of Broon?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by angular, Apr 26, 2008.

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  1. Given that the one-eyed pensions thief is now the least popular PM since Major/Callaghan, and the least competent since Olaf the Hairy, would it be betteror worse for the country if Labour get rid of him?

    Would a replacement be able to keep them in power through another election, presumably with LibDem help? Can the country cope with another two years of having that man in charge?

    Given that we're British, and don't do revolutions, what other alternatives are there?
  2. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    I still say that the best democrasy in the world is danish. They were having a referendum on joining the EU, their foreign sec was pro-europe and there was a very large and powerful lobby against europe.

    What happened? Some nut stabbed her to death in a super market. That has to go down on record as the least ambiguous protest vote in history.

    As for the gurning scottish wonder, as long as he can keep the wheels on till an election, I don't care. Having said that would hug a hoodie "call me dave" be any better?
  3. Interesting article in yesterday's Times on this very theme.

    The author reckoned that there are three options. None of them involves a Labour victory at the next election.

    Firstly, a clean, quick break. The best option for the party. Labour sack Broon after the local election meltdown and replace him quickly after a short, relatively amicable leadership election. Pigs might fly! Gordon will have to be extracted from No 10 using a crowbar and half the cabinet will be fighting like ferrets in a sack to replace him.

    Option 2. Broon clings on for dear life. Party discipline goes down the toilet and Broon turns a blind eye (boom boom) as his most junior MPs queue up to undermine him. Party collapses in a heap and, in the finest tradition of Labour governments, loses a confidence vote next year.

    Option 3 - the nightmare scenario. Broon hangs on until the bitter end in 2010. By that time, we're borrowing cash from the IMF just to pay the interest on government debt. Inflation is at 30%. Public sector permanently on strike 'cos there's no cash to pay them. Army, Navy, RAF and any other government employee who can't strike is emptying bins and driving ambulances. Tory landslide precedes another 20 years in opposition for Labour while inexperienced Tory ministers implement deranged, poll tax style policies. Mariner heads for Pattaya to drink/sh@g himself to death.
  4. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs


    I think the Scandinavian country where that happened was Sweden,not Denmark.
  5. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    Mariner heads to Pattaya to drink/sh@g himself to death?.If what you outline in option 3 comes to pass,the Pound will be worth about 5 Baht.
  6. Merde! You're right addeur noir. Better start buying up Bhat now - just in case.

    Mind you - you can have a bloody good night out in Thailand for 5 Bhat.
  7. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    I nearly typed sweden. I was thinking it was deffo sweden. Then I got my first visit from Emperor Mong.
  8. My prediction...

    McBean gets knifed, Millipede gets in and...

    they have an amnesty for zillions of illegals and ship them round marginal constituencies

    and get Turkey in as soon as the Lisbon treachery is ratified everywhere and ship in zillions of Turks as well.

    Zanu Labour just win in 2010.

    Bliar said Britain was a new country. It wasn't but it will be.
  9. Me thinks your spot on here
  10. The problem here is, if they get rid of Brown, who is to replace him? The 'government of all the talents' were quickly shown to be no better than glove puppets. The contenders being mooted are:
    Ed 'so what' Balls and his wife Yvette 'home information packs' Cooper.
    David 'the boy' Milliband - currently unimpressing as Foreign Secretary.
    Alan 'postman' Johnson and Hazel Blears.

    Not very promising is it? The truth is, New Liarbour had very little talent to start off with, and after 11 years the bottom of the barrel is well and truly being scraped. Unless there is a hidden talent on the back benches that we are unaware of, the government will sink under Brown. Unfortunately, Ancient_Mariners doomsday scenario is looking increasingly likely. I always knew that Brown was not up to the job, even so, I am surprised at how quickly it has all unravelled.
  11. The following article was in The Sun, but seeing as though we are talking about politicians, accuracy isn't that important.

    However, the Next Prime Minister gives quite a good account of the current cabinet

  12. The fundamental problem is that Brown has basically asset stripped UK PLC.

    The entire New Labour economic “success” has been based on selling assets and running up debt, much of it concealed (unfunded pensions, PFI deals, etc).

    He got away with this for so long partially because the Conservatives had paid off most of the debts previous administrations had run up and partially because credit was cheap.

    Nobody can get rid of that burden quickly, so no change of leadership can help in the short term.

    Putting the economy back on to a long term course is going to hurt, and the longer Brown postpones things, by borrowing more, the worse it is going to be.
  13. Things can get worse? 8O
  14. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Shame on you for reading it. Hope you didnt buy it. :x

  15. Liarbour backbench talent?
    Oxymoron there then

    Current Tory crop
    not much better

    Even less talent(and even more unfriendly towards HMF)

    We all know what will happen, Another pointless Leadership race , where Pa Broon's successor is known and elected by popular(The Sun) vote

    Middle-class Britain propping up the Welfare state that Bliar/Broon/Milliband(?) have left them.

    Some Tory (pity Lady Thatcher wasn't available) picking up the pieces and all and sundry whinging because we get back into the reform and labour policies that got Britain back on its feet in the mid 80's.

    Everyone will be whinging and moaning about how good Liarbour was under Bliar, rose tinted specs syndrome.