Would they have been better than Blair?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Myss, Oct 31, 2004.

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  1. So, the general consensus of ARRSE members is that 'Mr B-liar' is not very much liked, and that's putting it politely. But someone must of voted him in favour of his oppositions. Considering that the race for leadership is normally between the two main parties (although that seems to be changing with the uprising support of the Lib Dems), Labour and Conservatives - would they been better in hindsight on running this country and making the decisions if they had won?

    To recall, the leader of the Cons (the irony) at the relevat times was John Major in 1997 (who 'brought' us Black Wednesday) and William Hague in 2001.
  2. A "what if" question. Pretty pointless IMO, but here is my pointless response.

    Would Michael Foot have and Neil Kinnock been better PMs in the 80s? Hmmm... I doubt it.

    Would Major and Hague made better PMs than Blair. Major may have been shagging Edwina Currie, but that aside he was one of the most honourable politicians we have had in recent years. It was his back biting cabinet that did for him. Hague did not get a chance as the media did for him for being bald and having a silly accent.

    The current lot appear rotten from the top down.
  3. bLair is without a doubt a hated man in these ARRSE circles today and I for one would do the little sh1t down at every oppurtunity but I don't think there is a credible opposition at the moment.

    Wot was wrong with Hague?......................................................I think a lot of us would have given Ffion one..........well probably not you but I'm sure the lads on the board would be there for her!
  4. The only reason Bliar is tolerated by his party is the 160 majority that they mistakenly credit him with. When this evaporates next year, he will be collecting his P45.

    I don't think there would be much difference between Bliar and Major/Hague in terms of output. Long-term economic trends and the role of the Civil Service in policy implementation lend some inertia to the system.

    The big decisions - Iraq for example - may have been radically different but there are too many variables to make an informed guess.

    One major difference would be that the public in general would be less distrustful of politicians. Pre-Bliar, they were merely disliked rather than detested and completely distrusted and a lot of this is to do with the big promises of honesty and "new" politics that Bliar made and failed to deliver on.
  5. Mate I didn't ave a gun in your back to answer it lol. Considering that there may be a Feburary election coming up, its a question we might have to figure out. Then again even the Looney Party might of done better :)

    Is that the 'best' thing about Vague? This party has so most uturns they make the North Circ look like LeMans. They're the one who supported the overthrow of Saddam, and then turned their back when viewpoints turned sour.

    Who says I wouldn't :lol:
    Kidding - she has a body of an ironing board - if you like em stiff like that lol
  7. I think Mr Howard would make a far better PM than the current twat at no10.

    Anyway, this matters not as i would put money on labour getting back in power (maybe with a smaller majority) becuase of all the petty small minded, in-grown laboutr voters that make up a large proportion of this fine country.

    Instead of choosing to use their democratic power to oust a PM (and his bent cabinet) from office, they will narrow mindedly vote for labour again cos that is who they were brought up with (and they would never consider voting for the tories)

    I think the only real winners are goona be the minority parties (such as Socialists, green party and the UKIP) as those who actually have the sense to abandon the sinking ship that is labour (new or old) will give thier vote to these parties rather than to the tories (who i may say, have pledged to stop any reduction in HM forces, cut taxes, cut red tape created by the new labour socialists, reduce the size of government, get rid of a large number of civil servants at MOD and whitehall and to generally interfere less in to our everyday lives)

    does that not sound appealing?? does to me....

  8. Agent Smith , just let me get in here first , before everyone else buries you under, what the Tories DIDN'T do :D

    Do you remember Front Line First?

    or "The Strategic Defence Review"

    It's early< i Haven't had my coffee yet, I'm sure I'll think of more
  9. Leaving policies aside for one moment.

    In December 1990 the new Prime Minister visited British forces in the Gulf, as a complete unknown quantity. I can't speak for anyone else who heard him speak. I for one was satisfied that here was a decent and thoughtful man, who would not risk British lives for his personal aggrandisement.

    I've also since read Major's TV address to the nation on the eve of that war. Quite refreshing to be able to read something like that from a PM and feel inspired, not nauseated.
  10. And when he was done being Prime Minister , he became the UK boss of the Carlyle Group :wink:
  11. Doesnt alter what I said, PTP.
  12. I appreciate that Hackle :D

    I always thought Major was a decent enough sort. I must admit , after the story broke about Edwina , I was impressd.

    Wonder what job Blair has lined up?
  13. Major always seemed a decent and sincere man, particularly compared to Bliar. I don't think Hague really got a proper chance to show what he's made of.

    If either of them had been returned in the last two General Elections:

    Would we have had more than 60 new taxes, despite promises to the contrary? - Probably not.

    Would they have made such a huge c*ck-up of immigration and asylum? - probably not.

    Would they have have allowed government to micro-manage as much as Neue Arbeit? - probably not.

    Would they have allowed the police to be undermined by PC policies? - probably not.

    Would they have appointed a disgraced pansy, who had been forced to resign twice for dishonesty, as an EC commissioner? - probably not.

    Would they have appeased terrorists in NI? - certainly not.

    Would we have been forced to see Letter-box Gob in the papers all the time? - certainly not.

    Would they have tried to ban hunting? - certainly not.

    Would the Rt Dishonourable TCH be SofS for Defence? - certainly not.

    No further questions, M'Lud.
  14. Poncey Boy Blair and his running dog lickspittles got in power with the smallest voter turnout since 1911 (or thereabouts).

    People must vote these scum out at the next election.

    I'd have liked Major to have had a good crack of the whip I think he'd have done OK once the "bast*rds" had been rooted out.

    I hope Blair comes my way on the campaign trail at the next election 'cus I'm going to slap the tw*t. His BG's permitting I hope to say" Hello c*nt, cop this you f*ckwad".

    I hope the peeps at arrse will bail me out later at the appropriate Plod station :D
  15. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Armourer, I'll stick some dosh in the hat, it'd be a pleasure !

    Will I get a copy of the vid too ?