Would the yanks be so understanding?

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Bah_Humbug, Feb 7, 2007.

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  1. Having just seen the news regarding the so called "friendly fire" (can we please stop calling it that, it obviously not that friendly on the receiving end). I have to ask would the yank's regard it as the "fog of war" if a Tornado bombed a convoy of Abrams, or would they demand Tony and Chums hand us over by the balls.
  2. If it was our fly boys, their feet wouldnt be touching the floor. "International incident","blundering brits",yadda yadda yadda.
    Could you really see Blair and co keeping the video and transcripts hidden for 4 years? Never happen.
  3. Is there a link????

    I read Danish teletext this morning which only had two quotes from the transcripts: Something like "Oh Sh1t were going to jail" etc... But not "Oh Sh1t what have we done." if you get the difference. I hope this was just bad teletext pruning.
  4. I suspect that New Labour would leak the transcript or tape and then say, "well look they are guilty so we'll just hand them over for life in Leavenworth".

    The grimly amusing thing yestere'en as I listened to the State department spokesman was his statement that "although they were reservists they were trained to the same standard as the regular USAF". That my Septic chum is exactly what we all fear!

    I just find it amazing that we are being treated like some kind of third world militia - like ROK troops in Vietnam say - handy for the grim jobs but not afforded any protection or courtesy.
  5. While we have a spineless government in power we will always be disadvantaged. The yanks look after their servicemen and so should we. But we dont.

    Parallels exist in civvy life with one sided extradition agreements and so on.
  6. Try www.thesun.co.uk that's were I read the transcript yesterday!
  7. Remember Col Tim Collins RIR

    A US reservist officer accused Col Collins of war crimes, this government , and top brass MOD , washed there hands off him , didnt back him up , all because some walt officer got a bollicking in Iraq .
    It got serious press coverage , ironically it was a member of the press who helped him clear his name .
    So the answer to the question is NO they would want you strung up by your b-llocks, infront of the worlds media, and this government would hand you over on a silver platter
    And to add fuel to the fire there relatives would be suing our Government for billions , thats the usual procedure once guilt has been proven in the good old US of A. :shakefist:

  8. If you look on liveleak.com there is most of the incriminating bits on there.

    My view is that the F.A.C who denied that there were any 'friendlies' in their vicinity should be brought to book. His denial came at least twice and came a little too easily (not actually checked?)
  9. Maybe its time for tracked rapier to follow our guys and provide cover for our guys when the Yanks are around. After a few A10s blown out of the sky they may get the message that their AFV recognition and actions on drills need sorting out.
  10. I'm not sure which is more alarming:

    a)You are an air defender and you think Rapier could do this...

    b)You are not an air defender but you think Rapier could do this...
  11. Bugger... coffee all over the VDU. Thanks Cuddles
  12. Its frustrating (to say the least) that a US spokesmen has recently stated that the incident was investigated (by them) and that the pilots were not to blame - if this is so why so much fuss over the release of the tape - there does not appear to be anything on the footage that could be seen as security sensitive.

    The yanks gung-ho attitude in combat seems to have a negative effect. Remember the railway bridge in Kosovo that the RAF had been tasked to destroy but had aborted 3 times because they could not get a visual and therefore could not confirm that it did not have a train on it. The US hit it, no visibility, bridge destroyed along with passenger train. If the RAF had destroyed the bridge with the train on and the subsequent loss of human life i bet the pilot would have been tried for war crimes or such. No such thing for the yank.

    I personally think that the government have allowed the tape to be leaked. They couldn't be seen by the Yanks to officially release it, but neither could they ignore the publicity created by the whole sorry saga.

    I hope this is dealt with soon and with a bit more consideration towards the feelings of LCoH Hull's widow, family and friends. What is the point of an inquest that is only going to hurt the people it is designed to provide answers for?
  13. I seriously hope that is what has happened, to believe that our noncy Government would happily back the Yanks, even against thier own troops is unthinkable. Hopefully, when justice has been servred here, there will be a bit more pressure on the Americans to "STOP SHOOTING AT BRITS!!!" you Incompetant A**holes!
  14. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Not only do I not think our goverment would back any members off our forces they would make sure any enquirey would be all over the media
    Look at the recent courts martials off Paras in Iraq the 'beating photo's' in the mirror etc
    Also our media are quick enough to turn on our forces when they need be
    Hysterical headlines of thugs and murderers as soon as a dodgy video appears on you tube
    Were only 'our boys' when there is papers to be sold if they can sell more papers by hanging some one out to dry they will do if it sells a copy or two
  15. I may be wrong, but was the FAC not asked by the pilots whether there were ffrienly forces NORTH of the location? I was under the impression that the Brits were WEST of it and that the pilot asked the wrong question.

    Anyone able to confirm or correct that?