Would the REAL Geordie_Bblerk please stand up,Please stand..

We seem to have TWO Geordie_Bblerks on the site!Same avatar but username done in capitals or lower case.One of then attracted the wrath of the other on a thread the other day.
Do we have a stalker on our hands?We all know the Original one by the number of posts!
So why copycat?
I'm going for its Pentwyn, that scabby bint!
Your not the only one to notice, I think you'll find there is another forum post on this very subject :)

-We did not even find out ourselves, so I don't think you will, he/she/it could be a GHOST!

LOL our first "ARRSE GHOST"
Think there's a couple of biscuits knocking around as well.....
I'm the real one.

The other is a REME cnut with a lack of ego and testosterone. The little baastard sent me a PM dripping about how sorry he was, how he would like to meet up and maybe forge some kind of non platonic relationship!!

Don't get me wrong, I adore a bit of c0ck but in the name of all things holy never, never, ever apologise.


P.S Please PM me with the name of the wine bar you would like to meet at.

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