Would Now Be a Good Time to Say ARRSE is Shite?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by meridian, Nov 11, 2011.

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  1. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    I haven't seen the bi annual rant about the good old days or why it has gone to the dogs for a while now, what's happening?

    Has it gone that shit that no one can even be arsed to whinge?

    Just asking...
  2. Too many sock puppets with half ARRSEd wind-up efforts seem to be the fashion. Absolute dog piss!
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  3. With the exception of the Princess Productions debacle it has been a quiet few months, but I remeber when this was all trees don't ya know and Angel Delight tasted better and Wagon Wheels were the size of real a wagon's.
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  4. Yep.1709hrs is probably the best time of day for it.
  5. I just avoid the repetitive shite posts that seem to be the norm now. Unfortunately that means mainly avoiding the NAAFI. Thank fuck for the walt forum though, its moved all that crap to where I never have to look again.
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  6. The nights are drawing in, maybe that'll raise the bar a bit.

    On second thoughts, it's probably the bar that most should stay away from. ;-)
  7. On the up-side it gives some people plenty of time to post porn piccies.
    Which is nice.
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  8. There's a walt forum?
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  9. Because there are certain fucking cuntbagging cunts that have called in ther peelers/rossers. No other reason. The Army rumour service has disintegrated into those with justification who are wary of authority so choose not to post and those who think they are authority by calling on the services instead of taking it on the chin or up the fanny as situations require.
  10. Name and shame man, name and shame! Who are the quims? Is it Shergar's husband? Did he kick your cunt in? You're an alcoholic.
  11. You I-didn't-know-there-was-a-walt-forum walt, and you didn't let someone wear a poppy, I'm also reliably informed that you called someone's SLR a poof. I'm so outraged that I shall start a facebook page/online petition about this.
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  12. Nobody gets near my cunt to kick it in. There are filth on this site who like nothing better than promoting themselves and using there legal powers when it suits them. This is the NAFFI bar for fuck sakes, how owuld you feel if there was CCTV when you were trying to lay the slag on thursday night knowing that the CO has a syph report on his desk every friday.
  13. You speaketh in riddles. You lost me after your last mouthful of Pledge.
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  14. Is it safe to drink Cilit Bang?

    P.S. my sister works for the gas board. Would anyone like to meter?
  15. I believe that in English he said the NAAFI's shit because a Crab offered him out and he shit it like a filthy little coward.
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