Would love to join the RE but...

Let me tell you a little about me.
I haven't approached a recruitment centre yet and I am very keen to become a sapper.

I am 30 years old.
Degree in Civil Engineering.
BTEC in Construction.
10 years consultancy experience in Civil Engineering (Transportation).
I am an advanced AutoCAD user (and teacher).
Experienced with Geographical Information Systems.
Keen Scuba diver
Ex Cadet

One major drawback. I am heavily tattooed on both legs and one arm. Nothing offensive etc. The arm tattoo is the entire arm solid (not going past the wrist so is covered by long sleeve shirts.

Now I have read threads on here and the internet and its mixed opinions. I couldn't care less what others think of me as long as I am performing my job at the highest level, but will it hinder my entry/career?

I want real advice from the type of guy I will be serving with.
- The official line seems like I should be OK. - some say not?

Over to you....
I doubt that an 'Arrse approval' will hold any sway with the ACIO, even if you print screen.

Pop on down to the ACIO and find out.

I'd imagine with that resume you'd probably stand a good chance of getting in regardless of inking.
You will be ok mate. A lot of soldiers are heavily tattooed these days. I have both arms sleeved and both legs heavily done. But why ask randoms on the Internet just head along to the recruitment office. they have all the answers you need.
The tats shouldn't be a problem, unless you aspire to the SAS. But even their restrictions have probably slackened off now.

Are you going for a commission? You seem a bit over qualified to be an OR.
Your age too (are you too old anyway?), you might find things a bit difficult taking orders from a 19yr old.
You'll be with half the British army on the tattooed front. Youll see some good, bad and shockingly shite tattoos of various sizes, as long as there's nothing past the wrist or neck line it shouldn't be a drama, know lads that have them in those places.

******* hell, already a design draughtsman, geo, diver and possibly not far off C of W. You'll have yourself alot of choice on which trade path you follow, more than likely miss having to go Chatham bring already qualified. With that experience it's likely you'll be off up to the Works Group at Chilwell to do your trade constantly.
Thanks for all the advice. Just what I needed.

Would love to go for a commission - as long it still enables me to get stuck in etc.

Thanks again - really appreciate it. Will pop into the ACIO and have a chat. No doubt I'll be back at some stage with more questions!
It would be handy for you to take photos of the tattoos when you go to the ACIO, that way if the Senior recruiter deems it neccessary he can send them to SO2 Caseworker for them to assess them on a 203 Special enlistment form. Other wise it wont be until around 5 months into the process when during the medical at ADSC the SMO will decide.
But "Mayonnaise" used an extra large bandaid to cover his tat. This guy would look a bit suspicious reporting for duty dressed as a Mummy.
Indeed - my point was that he couldn't become an officer (except maybe in the RLC).
perhaps a trip to the ACIO would be in order???? ;-)
tats would cause no problem and you would still have to go to chatham for a 6(ish) week course. also I know plenty of OR that have degrees, You will still get treated the same by your troop staff regardless, Just make sure you don't go on and on about your degree. let your troopie come to you regarding it and if you become interested in a comission then simply apply later down the line.

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