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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by sharpeye2020, Oct 17, 2012.

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  1. Hi I'm new to the forum I have completed my barb test and picked royal artillery for job unmanned aircraft operator. I am 27 from northern Ireland and feel this is my last shot of doing something with my life for my fiancee and 5 year old daughter, I have told a couple of people that I am joining the army they have told me I am being selfish, I would like to know if and when I pass phase 2 where would I be based is it possible to be based in NI or is it only England. I apologize if this is in the wring place I just wanted to know if there are anyone on this forum that are in the same kind of circumstances thanks in advance
  2. The standard answer is that you go where the army needs you.
  3. Wherever they need you is where you'll be, not much call for UAV operators at home.
  4. Let's go one step further. The Army aren't operating UAV in NI.
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  5. Should of specified what I meant when im not deployed in operations were are you based?
  6. at your regiments home base in married quarters?
    which could be any where the army decide to send you?
    Hope that helps?
  7. thanks when not deployed is it possible to come home at weekends when based in home base as I dont think there are RA in northern ireland
  8. But they are in Afghanistan.
  9. I know they are you dont join the army not to fight I prepared to go wherever but dont want to be a stranger to family lol
  10. You wont be a stranger, you can Facebook from afghan :), seriously though, it's a great life, missus will either love it or hate it, Married quarters are either good or crap. Mine was good, in the flats in colchester, buts its a career, so you will make sacrifices
  11. He doesn't live in Afghanistan.
  12. finally a good answer thanks yeah I ain't married yet lol she either leave before I get her down the isle lol she works I was self employed work has slowed gcse's are ok but lets face it if a level students are finding it hard I ain't got much chance ain't qualified in anything hence one of the reasons to join she's happy with my decision and understands that we won't see each other as much but will find it hard leaving my wee girl behind but its the end result im looking at. Some soldiers that I know aren't happy and some are but its like any job in "civey street" it would be the same if I was a long distance lorry driver lol
  13. Forget civvy life, when you come home after passing out all your former mates will be civvy no-marks and you'll be fighting women off with a shitty stick. What is the drowning man logo for in your posts?
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  14. what drowning man logo?
  15. This,


    What's it for?
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