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As a teenager I almost joined the Royal Marines but was enjoying myself a bit too much at the time and didn't go through with it. I have always regretted this but my family situation prevented me from joining later in life.
Now at the ripe old age of 42, I have discovered it is not too late to join the TA and want to make up some bit for what I have missed.
Two of the units nearest to me are the 131 Independent Commando Squadron and The London Regiment (B Company). Now the 131 appealed to me initially as having the chance to earn a green beret and serve alongside Royal Marines seemed the next best thing to actually being a RM. As I looked into it however, mostly on this forum, I started to wonder if I would spend more time on the support work side of things and not actually do much soldiering. I know this support is important but it is the action and adventure side of soldiering that that originally made me want to be a Royal Marine. Therefore, would I be better off with the Infantry unit, even if I wouldn't be able to call myself a Commando?
Apologies for the long post but obviously this is an important decision for me and I would appreciate any opinions.
131 is a RE unit, although you will do the AACC at some point your focus will be on becoming a combat engineer. If running around and patrolling on foot is your thing the infantry is probably more up your street, there's no harm in going down to their respective TA centres on a drill night to get the feel of each and making an informed decision on that basis. My advice would be to get the ball rolling quickly whatever you choose because the cut-off for enlistment is your 43rd birthday. Fair play to you wanting to give it a crack at 42 and good luck.

PS If the commando thing is really that important to you have you considered joining the RMR? (Edited to add - not sure what their age limit is though).
Start drinking heavily.
Thanks for the replies.
As regards RMR , the upper age limit is 32.
I think I would soon get bored as a sapper. I work in construction and hate my job as it is, so the last thing I want is to spend time in the TA doing anything like my day job! Even the green beret would not make up for that!
I'm not 43 until January so I hope it will give me enough time to get through the process.Am I right in thinking that I have to be attested before my 43rd birthday?
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