Would like 3rd option for Fam Visit, any suggestions?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Ben_G, Apr 29, 2010.

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  1. I have met with my ACA for interview, getting on top of paperwork to get the ball rolling in terms of AOSBs and need to decide on a third Fam visit.
    I know I don't neccessarily need a 3rd option but it would be good to get another example of a Regiment.

    My first two options for Fam visits are: Royal Engineers and The Rifles, would like a Fam visit from another Regiment other than Infantry just so I have a good spread of experience when it comes to visiting different Regiments.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for the third visit that I can look into? Been trawling through the army.mod regiment lists and nothing really stands out to me. So any suggestions in terms of a good experience, good sell of the reg etc is greatly appreciated.
  2. Have a look at the tankies, great bunch
  3. haha, I have been lookin at the Armoured Corps quite a bit, just thought I'd get a good range of opinions, hopefully from people that have been on fam visits to other regs or who are currently serving with other regs.
    Might help make the decision easier, as can only realistically fit 3 fam visits in around the whole selection process, would love to do more obviously!
  4. At the end of the day it is whether you get on with the chaps, and whether you think you would fit in!?

    Its your decision...

    But I think it would really give you a broad enough picture if you looked at infantry, armoured and engineers during AOSB.

    Get on a PO visit to the RAC
  5. Royal Signals; a vocation with variety and diversity, working with very intelligent people.

    Have a look.
  6. Cheers rhino, sounds like sound thinking!

    And Ultra, do you know what the fam visits with the signals are like? what is entailed etc?
  7. Not as yet, I am waiting for my first interview with ACA(O). This is just my (biased) opinion from growing up around Signals and from talking to a few Signals Officers in the last few weeks.
  8. haha brilliant, fair enough
  9. A good spread for AOSB would be Cbt Arm, Cbt Sp Arm and Cbt Service Sp Arm. That is the fullest spread of the Army's diversity and understanding what they all bring to the party and how they interact is essential.

    Therefore my suggestion would be stick with Inf (Cbt), RE (CS) and then look at RLC or REME for CSS - obviously there are plenty of other CSS Corps but those 2 are the biggest and I know for a fact offer a decent fam visit with plenty of drinking... erm I mean focussed recruiting.
  10. "Focussed Recruiting" is always good ;) did look into RLC too, as I have a friend there and she loves it, which is always a good ad. Was told by my ACA that REME prefer POs with an engineering degree or something similar though? So I'd probably discount them as I don't have that under my belt.

    Also, I'll add that I'm 25 so if I get into Sandhurst first time and as soon as I'd like I'd be around 27 1/2 upon commissioning, don't know if that would have any reflection upon possible regs.
  11. I'll second that the RAC seems a logical third visit, and by all accounts the trip to Bovington is good fun (got mine coming up).
    However I wouldn't limit yourself to three visits. Whilst you're generally limited to two options at RMAS, and the ACA interview requires that you identify two, there's no limit to how many you look at and it can only help you get a broader understanding of the Army as a whole. Furthermore, the selection process will probably see you a year away from starting the Commissioning Course so you've plenty of time.

    I would particularly suggest you look at more than one Infantry regiment, since even from my very limited experience I can tell you no two are the same.
    Best of luck with AOSB etc.
  12. I enjoyed the RA FAM Visit, for me I found the attitude of the soldiers to be excellent compared to the other ones I have been on.
  13. As said before go where you feel welcome and where you think you will fit in.

    Look around the Army is a huge organisation with many trades withing the Arms. Don't be drawn into the Big hitters
  14. RMC???????????????????????