would it not be cheaper to build council houses?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by scoobish, Dec 14, 2009.

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  1. No. It would be cheaper to put a bullet in her and her scumbag kids. I'll volunteer.
  2. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Happens up this way
    There is a new housing estate round by me prices start for a 3 bedroom Town house at about £300k
    Council have got their hands on 8 ranging from 3 bedroom up to 5 bedroom detached all with garages
    (I think there is a deal in York that the council gets a percentage at "cost" of any new builings)

    I'll never be able to afford one but Mr never worked with his 4 kids will be in with a shout of a nice new posh detached house

    Must be nice for the people who have bought one to knwo that they are being divied out for free
  3. Even cheaper if we just strangle them.
  4. Their are "many" cases like this up & down the country, the more kids the bigger the house required, knowing full well the council's has a "very" limited available housing so the council "HAVE" to put them in suitable housing without the fear of being sued,

    brings this back to the issue of affordable social housing that this Government has failed yet again, Landlords charge what they want knowing that LA will guarantee the rent due to these individuals demanding housing once they get on the benefit ladder,

    Its a hard life being a immigrant in this Country seeking housing, they just need to locate a LA that they can bluff their way into the system.
  5. Keep on voting Labour and keep on having this sort of nonsense being paid for by YOU! (Not you 'Sven', you do not contribute).
  6. Wouldn't it be better just to kill them all?
  7. Quite likely it would.

    But the cynic in me suggests that in the cases like this there is a fair bit of collusion between the tenant, someone in the housing authority, and the house owner, resulting in mutual gain. And I don't just mean in the 'feel good' sense.
  8. After re-reading the above, I've just realised how crass and insensitive my comment seems. I meant to say 'Even cheaper if we just strangle them after we rape them'
  9. Wouldn't it be better to strangle them first then rape them?
  10. Their are plenty of run down estates in this country, once refurbished would "ease" the social housing problem out, the mis-management of LA housing depts is shocking & yes US the taxpayer (thank you Mr Brown & Co) will give them a free ride,

    No wonder the UK's benefit/welfare Bill is out of control.
  11. Oh look whose a proper Gentleman
  12. Amateur! Then you'd miss the fear in their eyes and the involuntary evacuation of their bowels.
  13. What about strangling them whilst raping them then?
  14. Get them to strangle themselves whilst raping them works.