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would it happen really?

I have always been under the impression that misleading parliment was part of the job discription of any MP :D

Really though, what a load of old tripe. I for one despise Blair and all his lefty handwringers but letting this one go ahead would I fear give more support to the left which on the one hand talks of ethical foreign policy and placing pressure on the worlds bad guys via sanctions which only hurt the lowest citizens. If you want to get rid of dictators there is unfortunatley only two ways from within, rare indeed or intervention. So in effect they whinge about dictators but actuall DOING anything about it is well just nasty and brutish.

Did he lie? so what! we are lied to every election year by every party and during every session of parliment. Maggie lied to us but by god she was the lesser of two evils and actually had more balls than anyone since Churchill.

I thinkits a question of degrees of truth, let not be so naive to be shocked when we are lied to by lawyers, MP's, commissions or anyone with a political agenda

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