Would it even be worth it?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by BenjaminHaynes, Jul 12, 2013.

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  1. So here is my question.
    I'm 24 I have a 3 year old and I am married.
    Before we met I was in the process of joining as a regular, but we got caught up in young love ect, blah blah blah. 7 years later I still have a craving for the forces.
    Full time recruitment seems out the question as my kids in a good school and my wife has a great career and is settled where we live now.

    The TA really interests me, but my worry is that with a full time job, and doing this in my spare time... Would I ever get any time to spend with my family?

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  2. Hey, the TA is best of both worlds really. You have a drill night once a week. But the training for phase 1 and 2 you can do over weekends or in blocks of 2 weeks or do it all at once in 4 weeks. Then after that you go onto training as the trade with your unit. Then you have annual camps etc.
  3. Thanks, my only concern is that my life would consumed by both sets of work and that whatever free time I had would get used up on the TA and leave my family in the shadow a little bit.
    With all these changes to the recruitment process, I'm a little in the dark myself.. Can you still just pop into the local office for a chat to find out some info and ask the right questions ect, or is it all online and appointment only now?

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  4. The required commitment is likely to go up in light of the future plans for the TA/ Army Reserves. Have a look at that thread. I would say that if you could find enough time to be in a football team, cricket team or something of that nature then you will probably have enough time for TA. Annual camp of two weeks is the most difficult thing to get squared away with work and family as you'll probably have to take it out of your annual leave. Otherwise it's one or at most two weekends a month.

    You'll get paid below minimum wage for turning in too which may offset what you'll spend when away. ;)
  5. The local offices are pointless now. Everything is done online and it's a complete and utter pain but, worth it.
  6. I think it would still be worth him going to his local unit and seeing what's what.
  7. I do appreciate all this feed back.il check out the the thread mentioned earlier.

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  8. Very true. When I went down the office to re-enlist I just said I'm an ex soldier so he didn't say much. Just told me it's done all online and that was that. But, yeah as you said it's better to go there first and see what's what.

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  9. What I will say to the OP is you will have to persevere. Despite the fact that the TA/AR is desperately short of numbers very little effort is made to get people in. It's an utter ball ache for the candidate. This was the case when I re-joined three years ago and doesn't seem to have got better. If the SoS really wants 2020 to work then the whole recruitment process needs a massive kick ***********. Getting to the stage of being attested shouldn't be an exercise in endurance and mental stamina for the candidate.
  10. Pop into your local TAC for a chat. If there's more than one then shop around.

    You only have one life, one bite at the cherry.

    If we couldn't juggle our jobs, wives, lives and kids there'd be no one in the TA. And my unit is full of those with new careers and so on, me included, that came as a result of being TA.

    Give it a go, at least you can say you gave it your best shot. Underneath that mild mannered Clark Kent exterior is a new you. Your Mrs will love the extra cash, the chance to get rid of you for a bit and the chance to hear your incredible stories of heroism, dressing up and getting messed around for over a year by an elite bunch of chancers known as Crapita.

    Ask me about my boots!!!
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  11. Every man thinks meanly of himself for not having been a soldier
    Samuel Johnson

    Just STFU, and do it - you know you'll regret it if you don't.

    If this advice doesn't give you a warm feeling, get over it - it means you're really not interested.

    Neither the TA nor the Regular Army needs soldiers who are in two minds.

  12. I fully intend to! This is massively important to me, il defiantly be kicking myself forever if I don't.. But I'd also forever hate myself if I found it pushing me away from my family.

    Going to spend a bit more time this week researching regiments around the Bristol area. Then head the the AFCO and start this dreaded online application!

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