Would it be wrong for Santa to...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by blind_monkey, Nov 30, 2009.

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  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Not if he left a video of the 'session' in Dad's stocking

  1. avail himself of the sleeping blonde and busty mother / daughter pair passed out on the family couch from too much Christmas punch...
  2. Good grief.... are you 15 ?.... step away from the porn now lad....
  3. Who says he doesn't? :)
  4. No - but I intend to use the results of this poll to guide my decision tomorrow night, including exactly how much Rohypnol one of my Elves should slip into the punch...
  5. Classy...
  6. Festive Spirit - heart felt, all the way...

    (now where's the plasti-cuffs and Duct Tape...)
  7. Santa Porn? Jesus, that's low.
    As for the original question, whilst I accept that this may come as a bit of a shock to you but, Santa, doesn't really exist. I know, I'm sorry but it's like pulling off a plaster, do it quickly.
    I think you will find that any 'availing' will be done by drunken members of the household in question. Now, if you want to dress yourself up and wait for Santa to 'interfere' with you then feel free, but I suggest you keep your eyes shut, that way you wont have to deal with the embarassing conversations and awkward silences on christmas morning when you realise all santa has left you is a sore bottom. :wink:
  11. As my Uncle Fred used to say: "Santa comes but once a year but he's guaranteed to fill your stocking!"
    I didn't know what he meant until I tried to put my socks on for school, what a sticky mess!

    And I vote that Santa should/would avail himself of the free Christmas gift laid out for him; i.e. one busty mother and daughter twin set but which one's blond? And does it really matter? As long as Santa has his wicked way with both then lets the elves have sloppy seconds, can't see a problem with the plan!
  12. Well fuck you very very much Duckula, you,ve pissed my Mrs right off now, she was expecting an Xmas visit from that red clad porcine chappie, and now you,ve blown my neighbours cover, you twat, I hppe your stocking stays empty. :x :x
  13. :oops: Oops, sorry. Hope it hasn't completely ruined your festive fumblings.