Would it be possible for a medical officer to join the Special Forces?


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Black Mamba

I think the dental kit would inspire more fear. Especially your drill. They would confess and sign anything. As good as the old Field Telephone.
I wonder sometimes if dentists fantasise about being the character Laurence Olivier played in Marathon Man.


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I wonder sometimes if dentists fantasise about being the character Laurence Olivier played in Marathon Man.
What do mean fantasise?

I am that character!

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SAS & UKSFG Trooper Medics are trained to a high standard & most spend time in UK Hospitals to understand bush medicine and if required to perform surgical operations in the field, if they wish later on to train as doctors most go straight in to year 3 of the 5 year MB degree.

However most DE Doctors are assigned to the UKSFG as medical experts in there field & do not need to be SF trained. Only if they are ex SF might they be badged. Most Doctors will as they progress do 2 to 3 years and then move on through their career. Consultants are at the top and will still do a limited time in post until moving on.

Docs can do the AACC or P Company but SAS Selection is geared up for you to be a Troopy at the end.
For example the RM Docs are nearly 99% RN who might have done the AACC, some do not, but then they are highly trained already.


I thought that all the RM medical requirements were provided by the RN. Do the RM have their own medics ?
The RM is in the RN so all RM medics are RN too, it's just that by completing the AACC as a doctor puts you first in line to deploy with the RM if there is the opportunity. Other than that they will be working with the ordinary RN. In terms of medics, I'm pretty sure a similar thing applies in that the royal marines either select their own troops to train as medics or they get RN medics to pass AACC to join them.
Also, to @Fake Sheikh, I thought SAS selection was open to all, even doctors? I've read of docs completing SAS selection before becoming RMO, even though it is not a necessity.
The GMC has banned Doctors from completing any role other than Medical Officer, especially Combat roles.
Where did you hear this from?
There's a GMC policy paper held by SG's Office.


As an example, the BMA's info on the Reserves states you "will" join as a medical officer...

2nd E2A

The BMA’s position on ethics for medics in the Armed Forces, pages 11-14 also of note

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Interesting, cheers for that, it was very informative. Is the GMC’s paper available to the public? It seems the BMA info relates to doctors who are employed as doctors in a clinical or med role. The interesting grey area has always been the MO’s who side-step from clinical roles for a posting into eg. non-med staff roles or pilot roles, does it address that?
I think he means 99% have done the AACC.
It’s a lot lower than that.

The Corps went through a period of saying you need to have a green lid to work in the Cdo Units.

Then they didn’t have enough medics (or other supporting arms), so quickly changed their minds.

I suspect the number of non-green lid RN MA who were attached to the Corps during HERRICKs various also helped change their mind!

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