would i get deployed?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by kingcal91, Mar 17, 2009.

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  1. so, i am currently 17 yrs old and applying to join the Coldstream Guards, i have my ADSC on the 1st April so i expect to be at Catterick about June-July time, so i should pass out of training in November - December time, i turn 18 in October when the Coldtream Guards are being deployed to Afghanistan, would i be deployed straight away out of training? and if so how would it work for Pre-Op training?

    i am not asking this as in i don't want to go, just want to know how it will work
  2. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    Cant see why not, Buy some sunnies and good luck.
  3. cheers
  4. Yes, highly likely that you will be deployed. As you state, you will still be in trg at the time of your Units PDT. You should therefore be loaded on the OPTAG pre deployment course prior to you going. Don't worry, as there will be other members of your Unit, that for various reasons, will be on the course with you.
  5. You'll be going without a question of a doubt!
    Your unit will bang you on PDT straight away and then you'll be out to theatre!
    Enjoy and good luck!
  6. well... nothing like a good sun tan to kick off the career
  7. are you guys sure?

    im joining the grenadier guards (leave for catterick on april 5th, finish october 30th)

    they get deployed in october and my recruiter (who is also a grenadier guard) said not to expect to be deployed as guards have phase 3 training?

    edited for getting finishing month wrong, twice!
  8. Plus I was under the impression that new Guardsmen spent some time with their regiments respective incremental companies after passing out?
  9. According to the Coldstream Guards page on the army website:

    1st Battalion:

    Grenadier Guards:

    Hope this helpes in some way?
  10. Best thing you can do guv is go straight on tour, last thing you want to do is spend a year in, say, Windsor, Tidworth, Gibraltar or some other ******** place listening to all the xxxxxx from the "veterans" whilst you are waiting for your next deployment.

    Besides, it's what you (should have) joined for..
  11. it is exactley what i joined for, i was just wondering what the chances are of me being sent away straight off the bat, at least have some idea if i am gonna get a sun-tan next winter ;)
  12. Good luck to you, I hope it comes right for you..
  13. ;
    Same thing happened to me, I was 17 when I arrived at Regiment, 6 weeks later I'm 18 and deployed with the rest, it's the best introduction/education you could wish for!

    Good luck
  14. The worst thing happened to me. I joined IJLB at 16 and passed out on my 17th birthday. Because my bn was abroad, I was not able to leave the depot until I was 17 and 3 months. So, not only did I join my unit on a shit posting listening to all the muppets tell their glory stories of Omagh the year before, but all the people that I had been in training treated me like a redarse too, even though I was better than most of them.

    Had to wait nearly two years to be deployed anywhere. All the way up until then, you were either "one of us" or not "one of us".

    I hope you get on tour and I wish you a good, successful and safe tour..
  15. Part of me is a bit worried about it, but most of me hopes that I get onto a training in take in hopefully July so that I at least have a chance of getting sent away, don't want to turn up at battalion just as every one else is coming home, my brother seems to to think that they are going on a year long tour? we have two friends in the regiment who he reckons told him this, dunno how true it is though