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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Rik_2008, May 9, 2008.

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  1. Hello, quick question, ive on other posts before that you would be deffered if you have any anger problems...i went through a stage about a year ago when drinking that i always used to end up in a few scraps, got to the point where i went to my doctor to see if anything could be done in regards to my anger whilst under the influence of alcohol..thye gave me some "calming down pills" i guess you could describe them. Basically i never took them...considering you couldnt take them with alcohol i didnt see much point as being sober im a laid back person. But im guessing once the doctors reference and history is through would then Army frown upon this as seeing as i cant control aggression etc...

    Many thanks.
  2. id imagine it wouldnt cause you too many problems unless you kept getting nicked for your little outbursts. have you got a record?
  3. Tip fella. Dont drink? or dont drink as much?

    Unless you have a serious criminal record i doubt it'll be a major issue. Do you really need to tell them? As you wont be drinking in basic training.
  4. Then why did you go to see your doctor? Whether you took them or not the fact that you were prescribed them will be on your medical record.
  5. i think you would get defered for at least a year from the last date you were perscribed the tablets. I had a depression entry last year and was perscribed tablets untill aug, so last month i was defered untill this aug.
  6. or just dont get caught!! :)
  7. Cheers for the replys guys. Just want to state im not some chav looking around for fights in a town, may of painted the wrong picture there...
    Just cant control my anger sometimes when 25 pints have gone down me...taken on baord all the comments, and as i said this was last year and i havnt had a drink when going to town with mates since then.
    The pills i didnt feel i needed, therefore i didnt take any. But as someone has said it will be on my medical record...so im guessing this will pose a problem in me joining as i guess the army would see it as some one who has anger problems and there going to in control of a gun or explosives....
    Not looking good for me i guess.

    Thanks for the replys, any more advice would be welcomed.
  8. i think your just bitter cos you dont have the hair to pull it off!!
  9. Like I did at Leccy!

  10. Yeah, then you woke and saw you'd really only had half a can of cheap cider...