Would Cameron attack Iran without the US

Even though he thinks he single handedly solved the Libya issue by dint of forceful leadership, not even in his most outrageous, Maggie dominated dreams, would Call me, Dave imagine he could unilaterally pull the trigger on Teheran.

Not a chance.

However, after reading the article, it is about supporting the US in any action taken quickly to upset Iranian plans to develop capability. From the comment in the article, it reads to me that they are heading off any dodgy dossier/Dr David Kelly moments, by definitely proving evidence of WMD (or intent to create such).

I do hope Teheran fold, not raise. My personal belief though is that as Persians are way better at the long game, they'll call the Wests bluff.
Technically, he could, would the world be a better place? Well with some conventional tomahawks no, with a couple of instance sunshine SPF 5000000 defo yes.

What a good idea.

Then the few remaining would listen as people spoke of how Mayans were right...
What would be the point? We're not allowed to kill much of anything any more.
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Wednesday, 30 November 2011
WAR with IRAN? It's closer than you think....
Israel's hawks are VERY close to manufacturing a full scale war with Iran. On Monday the 28th of November, it used special operations forces (referred to below as the "Hand of God") to blow up a portion of an Iranian Nuclear facility near Isfahan (confirmed by satellite imagery). This follows on the heels of another explosion at Tehran facility that killed an Iranian general.

What's even more worrisome is that Israeli hawks are actively claiming responsibility for this sabotage (from the Times of London):

Dan Meridor. the Israeli Intelligence Minister, said: "There are countries who impose economic sanctions and there are countries who act in other ways in dealing with the Iranian nuclear threat."
Major-General Giora Eiland, Israel's former director of national security, told Israel's army radio that the Isfahan blast was no accident. "There aren't many coincidences, and when there are so many events there is probably some sort of guiding hand, though perhaps it's the hand of God"
A former Israeli intelligence official cited at least two other explosions [that we haven't heard about] that have "successfully neutralised" Iranian bases associated with the Shahab-3, the medium-range missile that could be adapted to carry a nuclear warhead. "This is something everyone in the West wanted to see happen," he added.
Ok, let's put this into perspective:

These claims are blood in the water. Israel's hawks see Iran as an existential threat to Israel. They WANT a war with Iran. This is an attempt to make that war happen.
The US, from President Obama on down, are incapable of reigning Israel in. Israeli hawks are now operating open loop (without restraint).
Iran's anger at these attacks, demonstrated by an attack on the UK embassy in Tehran, is just the start. Who knows what they will do next? Iran's hawks are likely frothing at the mouth too.
What does this mean? A war with Iran would:

Cause an immediate energy shock. Oil prices shooting through $200 + a barrel. Lost production from Iran, Iraq, and most of the monarchies. A potential loss of 6-10 m barrels a day?
Global depression deepens. Prices over $150 cause immediate recessions. Higher than that, who knows? Usually, a slow down in economic activity reduces demand, however with peak oil (we hit the max the world could produce a couple of years ago) and lost production from the Middle East, that price could remain high even in the face of a deep, deep economic depression.
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Posted by John Robb on
Oh give over, Andorra would be a pretty steep challenge for UK PLC these days.
Yea there is an unhealthy dose of patriotism at the begining of a war but as the war drags out & the casualtie figures grow that soon dies out. So mayby a war might be agood idia if it starts very close to the election.
Of course Mr Call-Me-Dave ain't gearing up for Big Scheme with the Big Beardies of Tehran. We ain't enough Military manpower or equipment to go military adventuring in other places. Even if the US Pentagon 'orders' Mr Dave to supply Boots on the Ground and other military hardware. He would be mad if he did.
The only meaningful impression we could make would be with Trident and they'd have to be a good deal naughtier than they have to date for that to be acceptable.


I have a brilliant idea chaps! What kind of kit would we need to 'do them over well good on our own and not need no 'elp from no bastard'? 5 Carrier Strike Groups? 45 Mech Brigades? 5 Armoured Divisions and a fleet of interstellar space bombers.

So my idea is we just all sit here talking about these things and any minute Trooper will be along and tell us he invented them all. Then we can just borrow his... :-b
Can't imagine UK Starting a War, as so many have said "With What ?'.
With an election next year I would imagine Berry would avoid a war.
Israel well there's the rub.
The west, the US gave them the bomb via France and now they could be tempted to use it before Iran is ready with an offensive weapon.
They did it yonks ago, non nuc, with Sadam.
Non nuclear that time, but if the present round of 'Strange explosions' does not work, then anything could happen and the rest of the world can go ta F.


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