Would being a rockape Make My Arrse Look Big

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by adouglasmhor, Apr 16, 2009.

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  1. You were a toatal FLUB storeman **** when you were in - you are too good for them.

  2. You might as well it's not that much of a step down from a scaley.

  1. I know it's my arse that makes my arse look big.

    But 603 Squadron rockapes auxilliary air force are recruiting and the cut off age for ex foces is up to 55. As I am fitter now than when I left many years ago would I be a complet tosser to join the RAF regiment? Pros and cons please.
  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Easy life and you will bring up the standard. Crack on.
  3. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Could you face the scorn and derision of your fellow Arrsers?

    Could you look at yourself in the mirror?
  4. Go for it! I am doing exactly the same thing at the mo - so far so good.
  5. Upside is that you'll be a far better and more professional soldier than any of the others; you'll be serving HMTQ again; you might get a last tour in and a lovely medal to go with it; and the pay and bounty will come in handy for appeasing SWMBO. Downside is that it's the RAF Regiment.

    Cons outweigh the pros IMO.
  6. The thing is I am too old for the TA by a bit of a margin. Plus I feel some guilt for all the gear we stole from them on Caterick training area in the early 80s.
  7. Too old for the TA - WTF are you going to do with the goons - wheelchair racing and colostomy bag emptying or will you have forgotten wwhat you are doing there by the time you leave the drill hall? Fuuck me with reserves like that the en will be shoiting themselves.
  8. Cnut my younger sis now thinks I bat for the other team :evil: :evil: :D
  9. Oh yes!!! Gayer than a gay thing from Gaysville, Gaytona. TB, still widening the circle of your friends?
  10. Only when I can reach:

    Tattybadger in action
  12. Having never been in the RAF (apart from being a spacey.. I know!) I'm not really qualified to answer, but I'm going to anyway..

    You get a nice cushy life, staying in hotels rather than under a moth bitten bivi bag.
    The RAF is more picky, therefore has a few less chavs in, but consequently less fcuking good laughs
    Erm, thats about all I can think of actually!

    How could you live with yourself?!
    They're all posh boffins
    603 sqn is based in Scotland.. need I say more!
    It's the RAF regiment, come on!

    Cons far outweigh the pros IMHO, sorry! But then it's up to you it's your life and if you want to continue working for HM Armed Forces and joining the rockapes is the only way you can do so then go for it, your choice your life.
    Good luck with whatever you choose though
  13. I am in Scotland too, I notice they have another Squadron in Glasgow. 602 I have to find out more. I also have no intention of telling them about my hepC as it's inactive now and has been for years.
  14. You'd be considerably nearer the front line and of more service to the nation if you became one of these: