Wots up wiv NIVA?

Aint life funny? NIVA that glorious web site that seems to think it speaks for veterans of Northern Ireland are at it again. It seems that their ex-president who by the way is a policeman went away on holiday leaving his son home alone. The son had a party and some of his dads stuff got nicked. Dad being the brave sort puts it on the site and all the troops rally round and suggest they all get togethers and beat the shit out of the kids what did the thieveing. Not so long ago the same situation happened with the treasurer who they claimed had been ripping them off, then the new guy they appointed as treasurer had so much crap thrown at him he nearly topped himself and resigned. If you look at their constitutiion it states they were formed to promote peace and reconcilliation yet activley promote the use of violence when one or the members has a few things pinched seems like a strange world. Any genuine ex-soldier who served there should be very careful about this association.
the site was started with the best of intentions and i have met some of them off the site in real life, some of them are ok, others are probably not quite there possibly due to the experience in NI.

the committee seems to be the issue not the general membership.
Interesting comments on the state of NIVA, I was the second treasurer spoken of in the initial post. The antics of some of the members left much to be desired most of which would have left their 'fallen comrades' aghast. The site claims to promote peace, but woe betide anyone who crosses their path. I resigned as a member of the committee and as full member of the site and unlike has been mentioned members played an active part in driving me to the edge. Should any one on this site want a fuller explanation please either pm me or send an e-mail.

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