wotan Returns


Well, the 19 day oddyssey to Scotland has come to a close....a truly amazing experience and an absolutely fascinating place.

The wife, kids and I had the opportunity to visit so many historic places and yet there were so many we didn't get to. We visited Inverness, Culloden Moor, Loch Ness, Tulloch Castle, Stirling Castle, Stirling (including the Bridge and Wallace Monument), Bannockburn, Falkirk, Edinburgh Castle, Dumbarton Castle, Glasgow Cathedral and Necropolis and a whole series of museums (Regimental, civilian and religious) and historical tours.

We have a whack of souvenirs (strangely, mine consist mainly of whiskey decanters and dram glasses and bottles of Scotch - strange that), more photos than my computer can hold and a lifetime of memories for the kids.

I wish I could extend a huge "Thank you" to the people of Scotland, their kindness and friendliness made the trip so much easier and a tremendously enjoyable experience. Perhaps I should write a quick letter to the editor of one of the papers there saying just as much.

To any folks considering visiting Scotland, definitely go. Enjoy the adventure, rent a car and get lost and appreciate the natural beauty surrounding you. Our tour around all of Loch Ness led us into some indescribably beautiful countryside.

The only minor drawback is the seeming propensity for gorgeous red-haired lasses to dye their hair blonde. A travesty that should be immediately outlawed. I remarked as much to my brother-in-law in a pub one evening and I immediately was surrounded by a bevy of comely cougars beseeching me to speak to their daughters and make the same point. Ah, if only the wife would have been understanding enough to support me in such a crusade......

Anyway, once the jetlag (and ongoing whiskey hangover) wears off I will be posting more regularly. It seems the Good Ship Jargon is gone forever, however, we still have ARRSE and the forebearance of the Staff here.

Now, where did I leave that Glenfiddich?
Welcome back to safe harbours, wotan.. in need of some Canuck backup on the site...Hope you are maintaining the single malt buzz and have laid in an appropriate supply for the winter...
welcome back wotan, glad you had fun in JockLand. Maybe you should inquiry about the gingers here in the realm of ARRSE, seems tha gingers are not well received...althought without freckels I find the ginger lasses quit attactive 8O
Gentlemen, what can I say.......

Speaking as the only self declared red head on the site, can I express my appreciation of your enthusiasm!!

Such hair comes from my Scottish mother, whose clan is Wallace (meant absolutely nothing to me as I never watched Braveheart).....

The only other place I have ever seen so many red heads is Northern Ireland.
You went to Scotland for whiskey???? 8O

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