Wot - no Tibet threads?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mac1, Mar 19, 2008.

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  1. I'm surprised there hasn't been any threads on Tibet here lately. I mean, after all, China's in real trouble according to this bloke 8O :

  2. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I'm amazed they think the Dali Lama is perpetrating this violence, I mean he's probably the most non violent leader on the planet. Or should that be I'm amazed they think we'll believe it is the Dali Lama.
  3. At my university there was a Free Tibet room.

    When I lived in London this eminently punchable scrote used to leave free Tibet leaflets on my car. Frequently.

    Last month, the frozen lake at Tignes was covered in huge letters that said 'Free Tibet'

    My point is, that however noble the cause, it is something of a cause celebre for wnakers, and this has muted my arrse-outrage. This is probably wrong, I'll admit. If we can consider an independent Kosovo (Albanian murderers) seceding from Serbia (Serb murderers) then the more worthy, distant and less murderer-intensive Tibet might be worth some political horsepower.

    No fan of an overhyped global sports day, my personal hope is that the Olympics wither on the vine this summer because we choose to make a number of protests against China. It's no coincidence that the Tibet issue has raised it's head (perhaps a month or two early?).
  4. I spotted that quote by their dear leader as well. The thing that hit me was that when a country starts to show obvious disconnect from reality then real trouble is just around the corner, for example Mugabes conspiracy rants. If it was a province governor saying this then it could be ignored as a bad mistake, but not a party leader with all his awfully smart speech writers. I mean come on, the Dali Lamas faith took down our little empire with its belief in non-violence.
  5. Our little empire was quite beneovlant despite what the left wing say thats why they got away with it. China on the other hand couldnt give two fcuks and will merrily kill them all. It will be like the original grand theft auto game where you get points for mowing down the hari krishnas
  6. Remember, the 1950s invasion and brutal occupation of Tibet by China didn't happen. China has ruled Tibet unbroken since the 13th century.

    And if you believe that, I have a bridge I would like to sell you...
  7. Unfortunately, no-one in their right mind - or even George Bush - wants to p1ss off the Dogeaters. So they have carte blanche to stage Tineamen Square II(This Time it's Personal)in Tibet.

    The PLA could butt-fcuk the Dalia Lama to death. In public. Live on CNN. And the rest of the world would STILL turn up to the Olympics and kiss China's arrse.

    Cynical? Moi? :roll:
  8. How much ;-)

    Trouble is with America busy, there is no one else that can punch at Chinas weight and make them listen. I feel Olympic boycotts coming on, that will show China what for :roll:
  9. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Yeah CNN were running with that line this morning, no accounting for stupid huh. :roll:
  10. Ah yes, But using China's own twisted Logic, Tibet ruled an Empire that reached down to Vietnam up to the 11th Century, so really the Dali lama should be undisputed Lord and Master of a huge chunk of South East Asia

    To make that more interesting, the Anglo Normans Kings of England ruled most of France into the 12th Century........:)
  11. The Chinese claim to Tibet has always been a bit shaky, to my mind. Historical justifications just don't cut it because a) there's equally valid historical justifications for other parts of the country being ruled by someone else and b) it was the Manchu Emperors who ruled Tibet, ostensibly on behalf of the Dalais of the time, yet they don't want China to be ruled by Qing again, do they?

    What confuses the issue is that the political entity now known as Tibet is a small part of the geographical feature known as the Tibetan plateau (which mainly lies inside China) and has only ever contained a portion of all ethnic Tibetans -they've established themselves quite happily up to the Russian border, very often with the active encouragement of Imperial China and amid uncharacteristically cordial Chinese relations with foreign powers. I don't claim to understand why, but there's no doubt that most Chinese believe passionately that Tibet and China are two parts of the same country.

    The Dalai Lama's one of the few spiritual rulers to keep his hands clean, IMO, but he's also a far more canny politician than he's often portrayed. So far, he's played this one well and in accordance with his long-established pacifist beliefs, but if you think he's not surrounded by followers and fellow travellers who aren't above orchestrating this, you're deluded. There's no way this could have flared up in so many places within such a short space of time without considerable organisation and agit-prop. Not in the People's Republic.
  12. Way back when I was in University, I lived beside a man who is Tibetan. One thing that impressed me was the closeness of their exiled communities across the planet. They all knew where everyone was and amazingly enough stayed in contact with each other.

    During the filming of the movie Kundun, many of these exiles were brought to together in Morocco and as my neighbour (who played the Prime Minister in the film), noted it was a reunion to end all reunions. Most of these folks had been in exile since 1959. (you can read about my old neighbour here... http://www.oft.ca/downloads/0503.pdf)

    I'm not surprised in the least, that demonstrations are popping up globally and simultaneously by exiled Tibetans and their supporters. They have rapid response down to a fine art. They been doing it since 1959 to promote their cause.

    I've often thought that the plight of the Tibet is very much like that of the Falklands, where proximity of a larger nation has given rise to claiming sovereignty much to the chagrin of the protectorate nation or sovereign nation itself.

    As for the timing of these demonstrations? Why not? The Tibetans have been asking for support since 1959 and not much has moved in that way by very many nations so why not capitalise on the presence of the media watching China?
  13. What really has happend in Tibet?

    Encouraged by example of Kosovo and instigated by sly Dalai Lama a handfull of local separatists began to demolish Chinese shops, beat Chines traders and those who are ethnically Chinese in attempt to create eventually ethnically pure Tibet.

    As a result about a dozen of Chinese traders were killed. There are no credible reports that even one Tibetian was killed.

    Chinese authorities restored law and order.

    Similar events are not something special. They use to happen in many corners of the World.

    Western mass media directed by ruling elites used the events to press on China - hopeless attempt anyway.
  14. And we'll keep the red flag flying here....(fade out to marching boots and a flutterring flag....) Comrade
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