Wot no scalies


Where are you all? :-/




Certa Citto!!

PS.  Translation of Schimpfer's binary  -  "I am a whinging git!"


if he was really flash.....he would have sent hex, instead of binary!!!

and its "certa cito" not certa citto.........thought all members of the corps could at least read!! :eek:
"Dot Dot Dash Dash..........  Aww F**K it.  Staff wheres my mobile???"

*The futures Bright. The futures Orange*



Not of the jimmy, but i do find its the worst cap badge i've served with.
Not because of the lads , but of the worst back stabbing
seniors/officers i've ever came across.


well...they do say that a pat on the back is merely a recce for a dagger.......especially in the royal corps (hurrah!) 8)


Wonderfull, a Corps made entirely of the Umpa Lumpa people from the Chocolate factory, or what ever you call Bandford these days! Charming!

Please let the rest of the Army know when you make as much sense.


War Hero
G3_Snob, probably best If you don't call Blandford anything!  Glasgow may get to hear of it and asume you are speaking in affectionate terms rather than with irony.

Then you'll find yourself going there as OC of the antenna cupboard, followed by being loaded onto the JISM course, followed by the appointment of Project Officer for the next money wasting crap idea to come out of the Corps HQ.

Before you know it, they'll be appointing you to take over as HQ Mess Sec when the current chap pushes up the dasies!


Look behind you, beside you and in front

We were there before you...... and a long time after
I respect most of the values the Corps has. However, why Oh WHY!!! do we get CRUD "Untrained", from the factory?

Why should we pick up the pieces that Bland-Joke posst-on?

Instance 1.

Soldier "A" gets posted in with a veritable plethora of difficiencies in his trade.

Posted to a unit where His/Her difficiencies CANNOT be met, How can they attain their Class 2?

Instance 2.

Soldier "A", could even be "B, C........ZZ etc."

Posted to a unit who have been nominated, disembarking on a tour lets say with KFOR, Have they passed thier APWT etc     ?????????????????

For F**ks sake Blandford. The people that all your lazy ar**d instructors trained years ago, are now picking up the pieces of your obvious onset of amnesia and the likes. :(
Blandford is shit cos they have civvies who don't give a f***.
Maybe they should get rid if civvies get keen JNCO's instructing who will try there best cos one day they may have to serve with them.


FAO Big Bad Siggy
I am going to have to take you to task over your last statement

"You are showing a degree of forethought and radical thought that the Corps has been trying to abolish for the past few years (since about 1921).  Please cease to use your head and trust our wonderful masters in Blandford - cause they know best."
No they really do.......prehaps I'm talking arsse here

But on a more serious note what you are stating is what everyone who has to work in the Corps i.e not Blandford, has thought for years, but will they i.e Blandford ever listen to us - will they F*CK.
Not all of us at Blandford please note.  I am part of SYSEX and we try and give them as much knowledge as possible, but it is hard to take them out on exercise when all we get them for is two weeks, week on systems, week on relay.  They have never before this time even seen the wagons so how the hell we are supposed to teach them the wagons and how to use them I don't know.  Maybe they should spend more time with SYSEX than with civvies over in Catterick building.  (But then again I am using my noggin, sorry)  :-X
Good to see things don't seem to have changed over the last blank-odd years in the royal corps!  The basic premise here seems to be that half-trained baby scalies are leaving Blandford and requiring further, "on the job" training upon arrival at unit.  Hmmmmm....seems that the only thing changed in the last decade is the location.  Recall leaving Catterick, arriving in W. Germany (wee clue there as to how long ago that was!) and spending the next month and a half re-learning my "trade".   :'(   You can't halt progress eh?!!