Wot no Russians?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Kalashnikova, Feb 18, 2005.

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  1. Where's all the kalashnikov reviews I was promised on here? :wink:
  2. A review:

    Kalashnikovs are long and thin at one end get bigger in the middle and then long and thin at the other end.........or that might be dinosaurs.
  3. I hate to dissapoint you Kalashnikova, but contrary to much "Urban yoof" propoganda, we are not a bunch of redneck gun-nuts suffering from an indoctrinal virus. You are unlikely to find us discussing "how many Gooks/Jundies/camel-jockeys we have slotted/greased/garrotted" frankly I'm more concerned with where my next brew (tea) is coming from, and whose hidden the ginger nuts? :wink:
  4. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    According to an old copy of Esquire I saw at the Vet's recently ( more drugs required) , General Mikhail Timofeeich Kalashnikov has a brand of vodka named after him - as well as the world's most widely used assault rifle


    see also http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/3675546.stm

    Kalashnikov Vodka
    Size: 70cl.
    Alcohol: 41% vol.
    Country: Russia
    Region: St. Petersburg
    Grain: Winter wheat
    Producer: Kalashnikov Joint Stock Vodka Company (1947) plc.
    Comments: Named after the legendary Mikhail Kalashnikov, designer of the AK47 rifle, this is a premium Russian vodka, recently launched in the UK. Bottled at "military strength" of 41% (82° proof), this vodka is ideal for cocktails, or served chilled and neat and is best drunk with friends. "

    Na zdrovye Gospazha !

    Le Chevre
  5. Ikh zdes' netu. Nado syskat' drugogo foruma.
  6. Don't worry, I was only winding up someone who dragged me into this forum and told me not to mention Kalashnikovs :lol:
    ... oh and that Vodka, the bottle's amusing, and the contents are a killer... pity it's limited edition.

    sorry, forgot, it's tea and ginger nuts in here, right?..... do I have to wear slippers too?
  7. 1. The factory iron sights are primitive and, absurdly, calibrated to 800+ meters. Combat effective range of 7.62 x 39 mm cartridge is more like 200. Williams makes a peep sight. Better.

    2. Dust cover/safety makes too much noise. I could imagine its use giving away the operator's position with fatal consequences. Can't conveniently be operated without relinquishing hold on the pistol grip.

    3. Action doesn't stay open after firing the last shot.

    4. You have to "rock" the magazine into place. Whereas with, for instance, an AR-15, it's just a short push straight up.

    5. The magazines are extremely rugged and reliable.

    6. Chromium lined bore a nice touch. I assume that it harkens back to the days of corrosive primers.

    7. Accuracy inferior to, say, the various incarnations of the AR-15 but, in my opinion, adequate for intended use.

    8. Most reliable self-loading rifle I personally ever encountered. I have heard that you could put it in a barrel of water overnight, shake it out, then fire. (I've never tried this myself and wouldn't recommend it.)

    9. I've read that Mikhail Kalashnikov was strongly influenced by the German Sturmgewehr to which the AK-47 bears a certain familial resemblance.

    10. Valmet, of Finland, makes AK-47 clones that are nicer than the original article but, sadly, can no longer be imported into USA.

    11. I've read that, in terms of number of units produced, it's the most successful rifle of all time.

    You really a Russian gun fancier? I didn't think Russian civilians could get their hands on such toys.
  8. Yes I am a Russian gun fancier, but I'm British not Russian, just speak it, and do some work in Moscow.

    No, Russian civvis don't often get to play with such toys, but us foreigners do :p

    But you service guys still arn't allowed to travel there, right?
  9. Better head for the package liquor store and get your bottle of Kalashnikov vodka while you still can.

    Something known as the Portman Group, apparently a big noise in the field of liquor distribution in the United Kingdom, and, to judge from the linked article, a fine collection of pokenoses, is banning the product.

    From Reuters:

    "The powerful Portman Group, an alcohol awareness group that counts drinks giants Diageo and Interbrew U.K. among its members, said Thursday the branding could link alcohol with violent behavior.


    "'[We] concluded that a name that primarily evoked an image of a contemporary gun, namely the AK-47, which was one of if not the most widely used firearm in the world, was an unacceptable choice of brand name for an alcoholic drink because it indirectly suggested an association with violent and dangerous behavior,' the group said."


    The public might actually get the idea that there is an "association" between alcoholic beverages and and "violent and dangerous behavior?" Oh, deary, deary me. Tsk tsk tsk.

    Mighty good thing that these Portman folks are intervening to protect the good name and reputation of grain alcohol.
  10. How daft is that!!!! So what are they going to rename it as? Hippy Vodka, the drink that makes you looooooooove :roll:
  11. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Tchah! Even though I'm not convinced that the Portman group has the blatt to actually ban Kalashnikov vodka, the killjoy Gubmint we are currently saddled with would ban or tax further ANYTHING that people get a boost out of if they could....feckin' Neue Arbeit paper cromwells!

    With that in mind I shall make haste to order a bottle form the purveyors

    ....must have something in the house to toast the Great Helmsman's ego-bruising defeat in due course..... :lol:

    PS - good Kalashnikov review, BTW, ever fired the AK74 ?

    Le Chevre
  12. Goatman asked:

    "BTW, ever fired the AK74 ?"

    No. The semi-automatic version is sold over here, though I've never shot one.

    Getting a Class III registration for the selective fire version of this particular weapon would probably be an administrative impossibility for a civilian.
  13. I got to the fire the ak74, was good fun

    pk was better though, it felt a lot lighter than the gpmg and was a piece of piss to use and hit the target with
  14. I'd settle for Garibaldies, or Anzacs. Slippers are optional, personally, I favour "hut-boots" they're kind of uber-slippers.

    "Yes please, milk and two!"