Wot no oil thread yet?

Here is a starter for 10.

Who gave BP the licence to drill for oil in the gulf of mexico? Americans.

Who taxes BP on the oil they produce? Americans.

Who uses the most oil from all of BPs rigs? Americans.

Who built the piece of equipment which broke? Americans.

Who owns 40% of BP. Americans.

And yet it's all our fault?

I know, rather than argueing about it, why not use our collective intelligence to predict where and when the next oil slick will occur?

OK, I'll start... At some point in the future, there will be a large oil spill, somewhere where there is lots of oil. Easy eh? Bugger this, I'm oarf sailing.
YEAH? Not in the Int Corps forum you cock. Now fick oarf back to the clothing store.
Why, thank you sir, I'll begin immediately. Please PM me at 0330hrs just to check that I'll still adding an oil thread to each forum.
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