Wot no medals?


The latest round of operational awards has been published in the newpapers, and indeed Soldier magazine. In addition, the New Years honours list was (obviously!) recently published.

You've probably guessed why I mention this.

I find it difficult to believe that no members of God's Corps has done anything worthy of recognition, given the operational tempo of the last year. If there are some Int Corps who I didn't notice, i apologise, but I don't think as a Corps we will be bothering the tailor's shop too much over the next month.

Far more likely is that other Regiments and Corps are simply much better and willing to nominate their people. Is the staff work too difficult for our Officers? Can't be arsed? Too shy? Perhaps it didn't occur to you?

I would be intrerested in thoughts, but please note that I did not post this because I am bitter! Honest! I can guarantee you that I have done nothing medal-worthy this year, but I do like to see hard work rewarded, particulalry from the juniors, and a trip to the palace is a nice day out for Mom.
It does seem a little strange. Our Int Sgt (3 PARA) got a commendation for his work in Helmand. As you mentioned 'hard work from the juniors' i would like to add that nearly all awards given to 3 PARA were to SNCO's and Officers. Makes you wonder doesn't it, especially as some of them didn't deserve anything at all whilst some of the JNCOs and toms should have got much more. It was the same after the Falklands though. Can't keep everybody happy but as long as you keep those at the top happy with awards!
Fallschirmjager said:
It was the same after the Falklands though. Can't keep everybody happy but as long as you keep those at the top happy with awards!

One officer who was a patrol commander got the MC as did a number of toms who were the PC. In one patrol the 2IC got the MC if I recall, the Rupert got a severe kicking ( in the field) :oops:

Back to the original topic: perhaps the operational awards will tell a different story??
I know of plenty of Int Corps pax who have been rewarded in the last few years (but I have not really checked the latest Op Hons lists), including a WO2 and a Sgt (who was operating extremely effectively at SO2 level). The bottom line is doing things above and beyond the job spec, whether in contact (for gallantry awards) or behind a desk (for meritorious awards like the MBE). Sadly, even if you produce good quality assessments/ analysis, that is merely doing to job well. You really need to have more of an effect/ do something unusual etc. That said, I know of plenty of pax who got awards for merely doing their job well - I have even seen a SNCO get an award as an Offrs Mess CSgt!! That doesn't make it right, and the Chain of Command must write people up effectively if they are to be recognised.

You need to be careful about nominating pax though - if they do not feel that they deserve it they may well not come to terms with it - I know of one Pte and a young offr who never thought that they deserved their MCs and they are now both out of the Army.
Two members of the Corps picked up C-in-C Commendations in the New Year's Honours but there were no medals. Our soldiers and officers are doing exceptional work and being written up for it. However, the focus for rewards in Iraq and Afghanistan lies in the medals for valour/gallantry etc being deservedly awarded to the troops at the extremely sharp end.

The old and bold will be well aware that the Corps has picked up a raft of medals in recent years for Op BANNER, rightly reflecting our soldiers'/officers' outstanding contribution and the hazardous nature of some of the work undertaken.

Part of the issue might be that individuals in the INT CORPS routinely operate to such a high standard that it is not seen as exceptional and therefore meriting public acknowledgement in the form of an MBE or whatever (stand by for incoming from non-Corps!).

Like any other cap badge there will be those who miss out because their gallantry etc was not observed or the reporting officer was insufficiently articulate on the Honours and Awards form. Still at least those who get a gong will know they deserve it (possibly unlike certain England cricketers!).

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