Wot? - More BBC black propaganda?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by currymunter, May 19, 2006.

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  1. BBC as ever accepting the word of 'experts'. (e.g. Actors) in its usual anti-British drive. As dull as ever, BBC take the word of self publicising actors as if it is verifyable truth. Suckers.

    If this is true, "I can still walk through some of my father's fields and see the unmarked graves of people who were shot by the Black and Tans or the Auxillaries and were left to die in ditches.", it says more about Ireland than I ever thought possible. A Christian country that denies victims (martyrs?) the comfort of Christian burial. Say it isn't so Joe? Even the 'barbarian' British have the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

    How do I reclaim my licence fee?

  2. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    I don't see this in the context that you are putting it. The BBC are simply reporting the film that Ken Loach has submitted to the Cannes Film Festival, and for which he is in the running for the Palme D'Or.

    Ken Loach is entiltled to put forward his views about the origins of the Anglo-Irish conflicts (as he has done about the Spanish Civil War), but I'll be happy to let Gallowglass comment about the historical veracity of the film.

    In this case, I wouldn't shoot the messenger just yet.
  3. Sorry got to agree with curry munter on this one,

    Its not the question of the history being right or wrong but of an actor spouting dramatic b_llshit like Mr Delaneys "Fathers fields" and "Shot and left dying in ditches"

    He's been fed these lines(Consciously or unconsciously), or at least spent a good while pondering over them for maximum dramatic impact

    Lets face it the majority of actors are shallow c_nts, of questionable intellect whose entire existence revolves around promoting themselves and "Playing parts"

    Politics/social issues/history rarely appear on their radar till they read a script, generally written by some one with a particularly strong POV (One way or another)

    Politics/social issues/history also only tend to appear once the actor believes they have "Made it" and are comfortable financially, the reality of the shallowness of entertainment sets in and they then start examining more serious topics

    Apologies to all thesps out there, but SH=T THE F=CK UP
  4. Just wondering, how can he see unmarked graves of people who were presumably buried over eighty years ago?

    There can't be much left to see.........
  5. Blatantly one sided. Good to see that a balanced and objective view will be shown to all those that bother to see it
  6. is Mel Gibson in it then?
  7. Should go down well at the Kilburn Roxy.

    At least they didn't mention potatoes.

    Personally I prefer chips.
  8. So, there are bodies in their fields which they are upset about because they have not had a Christian burial , how long have they been there 80 years.
    But still they drive their tractor across the field to plant seeds, all the time thinking i really must get round to organising a Christian burial for those ten lads/babies/ disabled whichever sounds worse.
    Even soldiers bury their own dead, call me old fashioned but it sounds like B,locks.
    Actors, paid lots of money to look and sound like us?
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator


    Yes it was shouting!
  10. Denied a decent christian burial,just like Robert Nairac.

    What a load of sh1t.
  11. By all accounts the film is "intresting" with little to please Brits or republicans .Not something i will be anxious to watch though.
  12. Why oh why whenever something which mentions something about The Troubles etc do people on this forum have to rant on if it is seen as representing the other side?

    FFS what happened to being objective? I served for 2 years in Derry - all through the hunger strikes - and lost a good mate. I am not bitter against anyone over it. I have extensively studied both British and Irish historical accounts of various events and can see the good and bad sides of both.

    One has to accept that both sides of a conflict will have different versions. The German wife of a friend of mine who served with me was taught at school that Britain started WW2. Did I get wound up and rant on? No, even knowing thatliberating Belsen caused my Father to be mentally ill and robbed me of a childhood.

    As I said, each side will have different opinions. Try and be open about them.

    Now I will go away and start digging my trench to protect me from the FLAK that will possibly come my way.
  13. AndyRoo, actors distorting the truth again, that's my point really.
    Common decency to bury the dead of either side.
    Helmet on chin strap firmly fixed.
  14. I have no reason to have a dig at you mate :)

    As I said though - there are always 2 versions of truth. One just have to be prepared to be objective. Just because someone chooses to believe one version of the truth does not mean that the other is untruthful.

    It is a very sad fact that both sides in the conflict (British Regular Forces/Black & Tans and IRA etc) carried out a few acts of barbarism. The Black & Tans were hardly objective in their approach against catholic Irish nor the IRA against RIC members. My Grandmother (bless her soul) lived through it and managed to remain objective about it. She saw the good and bad and the truth and lies of both sides.

    She was a simple working class woman who was in the thick of it in County Cork. If she could see it from both sides surely we can?

    I agree with your comments on the burial of dead. Unfortunately, the Tans regularly just left their victims corpses at the side of the road as a warning to others. Again, that fact came from my Grandmother who saw corpses after a Tan ambush. The IRA also left corpses so, again, neither side was right but will only report their version of events.

    Are you beginning to see my drift now?
  15. Andyroo

    I am in agreement with you regarding the fact that atrocities were committed during the period following WW1 and the granting of the Irish Free State. The black and Tans were made up of demobbed servicemen and I believe quite a few from the West of Scotland, their reputation for spreading terror as a way of cowing the population is a matter of historical fact.

    I think the reason a lot of the posters tend to get their bowels in an uproar is that leading film makers do a movie which they state 'based on real events' then do an afterthought 'certain scenes and characters have been altered for dramatic effect'

    In other words it is not a true account, but a person's vision or version of what happened, usually with a slant toward the audience which will make the most money, in this case the good old US and Ireland. Take The Patriot and Braveheart for example. Look at the Sins of the Fathers where there is a scene in which one of the prisoners meets his father in Jail, good tear jerker but never happened in reality. The movie is regarded as gospel by most US viewers of how the Brits behaved in NI.

    I am certainly going to watch the movie and then pass comment afterward. I don't think I can fully judge it on the clips I've seen which, like a trailer, are designed to hype up interest. :roll: