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wot do i hav 2 do 2 b a para?

you have passed your first test now your rail warrant will be sent in the next post , ever thought of sandhurst, they need good plt cmnds, you have the qualities well done i hope your chosen career proves fruitful
Ethel_the_Aardvark said:
allyjs said:
Surely his grammar is correct to be accepted.
You are doing him a dis-service. His grammar, syntax, vocabulary and punctuation are clearly way beyond the standards required for his chosen Regt.
My thoughts exactly.

Maroon beret on its way, perhaps . . . . . 8)
no - wait: this is a tremendous demonstration of initiative and independent thinking.

PARAWANAB - perhaps the Paras are beneath you. I think you should seriously consider the Legion of Frontiersmen
Leave the poor tit alone, he can’t help it if society and the Labour education policy has failed him. You should look down on him with sadness in your hart as his chosen career will be beyond his ability.

Try the US army they recruit form overseas.
go to the trafalger pub in the shot , in your full chav kit with bling ask the barmaid for your maroon mean machine , as you need it for your selection training , thats after you have recieved your railwarrant she might buy you a pint if your lucky :twisted:
Probably the least convincing attempt at a wah or wind up that this site has seen for a long time.
2/10 for effort. Could do better. (Although your grammer is better than chubbs by a long shot).

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