Wot d8 4 baysic?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Hobbish, Jul 27, 2009.

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  1. Wot is th normul day ov a Militree inteligens operature lyk?

    Wen im in Afganiztan wil I get 2 B lyk a spi?

    Only kidding.

    I was just wondering whether there were any recent recruits (OpMI) or anyone in recruiting who knew how long I'd be waiting for basic if I applied today. I've just finished my A levels and was thinking of working and traveling for around a year anyway, so if it's a long time, as I've heard that it might be, I won't be too fussed. More time for training etc.

  2. Ask your recruiting staff, and think about things before you post; you hurt my eyes with that heathen script :D
  3. Was at the afco today and was told there's still room for November intake of OPMI this year however - that's for females apparently and it's already a 'too late' to get into that one scenario.
  4. the wah is weak
  5. Cheers for that. I was expecting it to be a longer wait than that anyway. Might not be as long as I'd expected though.

    PRC, my sincerest apologies. I should have been more thoughtful.
  6. Nay. I sense a streak of ... something positive.. here. The continuum has not rent into the traditional twain: a vale of tears due to non-acceptance and a lofty mount of snide superiority....

    There may be steel beneath the youthful i-countenance. Pig-iron, certainly.
  7. Neatly done, the Force is strong in this one. Nice to see someone reading the stickies and taking the piss ever so respectfully.

    No idea of the answer to your question, but you seem like the right sort of cove. Come inside you silly fucker, come inside!
  8. Heh. I hardly ever dare log on to ARRSE anymore, as the multitude of people simply ITCHING to jump on anyone who dares to ask for info sends me into a fit of "Oh for Gods sake, who cares if they dont put INT CORPS in capital letters" esqe rage.. good effort Hobbish...you belong. Travel, then come back to what you already know.
  9. Well, joining in Nov 2008 and posting only 4 times, you're hardly an old sweat are you. :roll:
  10. perhaps it wasn't his first ID mate... ;)
  11. Ooooh sorry....I will HAVE to make more of an effort.

    (Too much of an easy spot for you CR...)