Wot Abaat Pat n Peggy getting It Orn?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tastytoggle, Apr 16, 2010.

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  1. I reckon Eastenders is one of the most sh*t depressing soaps ever aired. It's so bad, it has a sort of magnetic masocistic fascination for me if it's on when I'm passing by the box. So, what sort of a naff story line is the homosexual relationship between Christian and Saheed, the gay Muslim? Bo-oring! Why not Ronnie and Stacey? Or Ronnie and Janine? OR - what about Pat and Peggy?? :twisted:

    "OOh, suck me prawn, Peggy!"

    "Yeah, play wiv me frepnys, Pat. Be my flubber lubba!

    Ooops........................ :oops:
  2. You need psychiatric help.

    Then to be shot in the head at close range and dumped in a ditch. You can't be too careful, right?
  3. Sad sack! That pile of sh1te doesnt even get switched on in my house.
  4. Any body who watches EastEnders need's rounding up and shot. Simples.
  5. Faakin 'ell. It was only a faakin fort!
  6. Once again you and I are in complete agreement. Obviously you left out cutting the head off his body, filling it full of silver bullets, ramming a wooden stake through the heart of the corpse and burning both bits on a fire composed of dried garlic. As you said you can't be too careful! :twisted:
  7. TT is obviously a regular script contributor to East Enders, and is casting about in here for fresh ideas. He`s wasting his time of course, there is nothing here warped or twisted enough to be included in that pile of crap.
  8. Last time i saw Eastenders was in the days of Dirty Den.
  9. Was that before or after Ena Sharples popped her clogs?
  10. The current gay story line has drawn me in again, I did stop watching not so long back.
  11. That's the most revolting post I've ever seen. Even worse than the photo of that bloke hauling his hoop open.
  12. Grow a pair Freeman.
  13. See what you`ve started Toggle? Theres a bitch fight going off down the bottom of the page. Might be good Beast Benders material there.
  14. I didn't mean your post, I meant the one at the start.

  15. Ever so sorry, what a little confuzzled head I am today.