Wossat then?

Curious bit of kit I just dug up in the shed, can't remember seeing it before and haven't got a clue what it is. My best guess is some form of alterable guy line or something. NSN- 5985-99-117-3744

Pics not great, so the best I can describe it as is a spool of rope (looks like 9mm) with a locking device on one end (Markings- GENK SNAP, '8' in oval shape on opposite side) and a tubular device which locks on the rope unless you pull on a spring-loaded bit coming out the bottom which then permits movement of the tube along the rope. There is another locking device identical to the other on a movable wire loop attached to the tube.

Sigs, definitely. Not my bag really. :)
Ebay it as a 'man portable gallows' kit.

Put a story about it being used to detain senior Republican Gaurd members and see what you can get for it
Storm me with some ideas for ebay listings and i'll stick it on along with 'Right to first scuttle'; A cracking auction for the privelege to be the first person to scuttle (well, not first, but first in new form) my mate Steve who is soon to undergo a little operation soon to turn him into a lady. Takes all sorts, I suppose.

Edit: Cheers, On_Leave
It is indeed a self locking guy from a Clark PU12 12 Metre mast, issued in about 1974-75. The strange looking buckle at the bottom locks onto the mast, and the sleeve around the cord (in theory) is uni-directional, locking the guy rope.
Got any more? like about another 5 then 3 different ones for the bottom?

Got a big box and a large telescopic thingy to go with em?

You are actually the civvie signals storeman at middle wallop arnt you... 8O

Go back to billing Sigs_Rule for kit!
minister_doh_nut said:
took the words out of my north!!

flog it on ebay as "an interagation kit as used by the SAS in the 1970's, this was one that was unused and still in pristine condition, it was a humane way to gather HUMINT and used prior to sodium pentathol. This is a unique opportunity to buy something rare or for the serious collector.

reserve - £50

Fcuking hell you will have walts bidding like hell, put it on just for the crack
Here's me thinking it was an SF anti-dispatch rider snare.
bibo_boy said:
Golf_one_one said:
bibo_boy said:
Haven't got a Remoting box have you in that shed?

What do you have to trade..........?

(Berlin_104 will watch my back Monkey wise......)
What you need :)[/quote]

Clucking bells its Noel Edmonds Swap Shop :wink: :D
It's sad but I remember Swap Shop very well!!!!

Still waiting for someone to swap my set of Crossfire (with one broken gun) for a Huge Hornby Train Set!!!!!!!
some walt will buy it, wack it on ebay as SAS/cmdo/para interigation thing ignore spelling

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