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Discussion in 'REME' started by Flyertiff, Nov 13, 2005.

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  1. I am proud to have become a member of the elite club and was looking forward to the always talked about functions. The mess is supposed to be one of the biggest and richest in the Army but only to be told the other week that the mess cannot afford a proper Christmas function (low key entertainment and self service buffet!!!!!) due to too many overspends on previous functions ( in the region of £8000 overspends on one function and thousands over on others!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and there just isn't enough money left! Currently there are a lot of dissapointed SNCO's. How can this be allowed to happen? Your thoughts please.
  2. 8O When I left there in 98 the mess had a GPF of about £40,000-50,000. So somebody's had a good time!!!
  3. It should be about that now they said but we only have GPF of about £15000 at my last count. Kinda dissapointed with it being my first mess function. It was discussed to abolish mess dress being such a low key function and go for lounge suits but we had to keep something special about the occasion.
  4. IMHO messes should not have loads of money in their coffers it should be spent as quick as it comes in less an amount for contingencies such as new chesterfields pool tables etc.

  5. Too right, you pay subs for functions and improvement, not so the mess can build interest on the account. Best to spend the money while your still in the mess and not let other people spend your money once your gone on themselves.

    BTW Flyertiff now you've reached the dizzy heights of SNCO, you gotta dig deaper for those coffers for a decent function, less members than a screws mess to spread the cost.
  6. How much have you personally contributed to that mess Flyboy?
    What was the answer to your questions at the last mess meeting when you asked where all the money had gone? Or didnt you?
    I loved all the mess functions i have had there by the way! God they must have cost a fortune!ha ha

    You should be more worried 'bout Maths and Science re-sits anyway.

    Use this place to air the odd grievance but "whats said in the mess should stay in the mess eh? (Only a thought not a personal attack btw).
  7. In case you missed it i was discussing how the "massive overspends" can happen not how mess money is spent. Surely there must be some one to ensure overspends don't get out of control - so that it is not ruined for others.
  8. The man with the scrabbled egg on his sleeve has the job of making sure the money is not wasted. The accounts also have to be signed off by an appointed Officer. All well and good in a normal mess, but SEME is not a normal mess.
    When you get places run by civi firms who are in it for the profit, money has a habit of dissapearing father fast. All that bol**cks about NSS and the others not making profits, yeh right. They would not be in the game if there was'nt a few quid to be made. It aslo does'nt help when you get such a fluid membership. Oh yeh i almost forgot the (soon to be gone) RS Drinking club. How much has been wasted on that little empire??
    Went through a few years ago, but would often be asked to leave the snooker table or move from a certain part of the bar so that the glorious RD/RS could do there own thing. Of course we rarely obliged and more often than not told them to poke it or words to that effect.

    The mess ain't what it used to be, and unfortunately it's not just SEME thats gone down hill fast. The days of big functions have long gone.
  9. What constitutes a massive overspend? If all the members vote for a function it goes ahead at that cost. If it is an actual overspend then the accounts should show as such and whoever is responsible should be bent over and accept their punishment.

    Sometime when you are flush it is decided by all concerned to have a great big bash and sod the cost. This is not an overspend - members deciding what to do with their 'club' money. Is this your opinion on what has gone on or is it the opinion of the old buggers sat next to you whinging on?

    Things also actually cost a lot more now than they used to. No mess services as duties etc and lots of ED pay required. You will probably have better functions in the future after your mess rates have been increased so you are paying more throughout the year for the functions you will no doubt be attending.

    Once again - not a personal slight but having been in the Mess for approx 18 years before I left I have seen both well and badly run messes and there is a story behind the why for all of them.
  10. I ran a function earlier in the year which was the first I had organised for many years (good fortune, I suppose) and was shocked at what I had to budget for! Any work after 2359hrs must be paid for by the Mess - it isn't part of the contract, and that is expensive. Additional refrigeration is a nightmare. The days of stuffing all the fridges on camp 3 days beforehand and moving it to the Mess on the day has all gone. I had a large walk-in fridge parked outside and the bill was enormous! Add on the marquee and the cost is huge!

    We saw in the dawn after a great night - but I bet I won't be invited to run another bash for a while!!!

    Off-topic, I know, but are we watching the slow demise of the traditional Messes in the UK?

  11. Er, same as wot he said!
  12. well said BM
  13. Crying on this forum aint gonna solve the problem.
    If he is a member of that mess he can air his whinges there not drag the finances of his mess around on Arrse.
    Its your God given right as a Bill Oddie to whinge dont get me wrong but bark up the right tree at least
  14. if you had such a problem with the mess xmas function, then why didnt you stand up and say something when you had the chance to at the mess meeting instead of crying like a little girl on here?
  15. Quite obvoiusly a junior "member" of the mess.

    yesterday a Lance Jack.......today the mess?