Worthy of NAAFI Mention

B3TA.com's weekly question this week is "The moment you knew that relationship was over". The first post goes thus:

"Imagine my revulsion and horror, when, during pre-coital oral on my then girlfriend, (a gentleman should you know),I became increasingly aware of an unusual, yet strangely familiar odour, not to mention taste. At the point of her orgasm, I was dumbfounded to witness a gobbet of man-batter emerging, no oozing, from the holiest of holies. More dumbfounded still when I realised we hadn't had sex for a fortnight because I'd been working away. Just then, a penny the size of a fcuking man-hole cover dropped. Thats when it was over, funnily enough"

The thread can be read here

That story is certainly worthy of NAAFI bar mention 8O



Blooming heck - unimaginable!!!! But cracking story nonetheless!

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