Worthy Down Memories

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by B_AND_T, Jan 25, 2008.

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  1. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    The NAAFI bar opening lunchtimes, getting as many pints down your neck as you could.

    Miss Whiplash, who taught typing.

    Shagging in the Sangars when on roving patrol.

    Making last nights love interest do the walk of shame.

    RP Private's (What the fcuk was all that about)

    Does anyone else have fond memories of Worthy Down?
  2. Class 3/2 in '99 (i know im a crow), class 1 in 2000, CLM in 2006!! Im a naughty boy!!

    Do remember my last night on my 3/2, getting minging and spewing on my carpet in the room. Next morning, a well placed packed bag covers the stain as the SQMS comes round to take the room backover. No bill for Bill :D :D :D
  3. Miss Whiplash....them were the days

    The Porter House -The Guild - The Market

    Civi Instructors younger than the students

    Civi Instructors older than your granparents!

    RP Staff Full Stop!
  4. Winding up the Pay Corps. Ahhhhh good times.
  5. Being marched down the gaurdoom in my underpants after being caught hanging off a drain pipe in the dolly birds block, whilst the RP's are searching the block, the duty SNCO had a Sharklight.... cnut

    Seeing the School SMI and getting fined £200 for the pleasure of it and nearly RTU'd off my course....

    Getting blowjobs off a bird in the carpark in her car, all part of the service, nothing standing orders there....

    The naffi bop and pumping the Naffi chicks to death afterwards

    Those were the days............
  6. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Getting caught shagging on the 25m range.
  7. B3 Clerks Course at Worthy Down June to July 1990 - Probably the most fun four weeks of my life. Discovered gorgeous WRACs fresh out of training - fantastic company and quite outrageous on the razz later I discovered!

    We had a superb Lancer Staff Sergeant heading our course - he would punish swearing by sending offenders running to the Guardroom to discover names of the camp personalities and then doubling back. Breaking wind loudly in the classroom wasn't deemed punishable so I did indulge in creating the odd misty eye in those hot sunny classrooms. He was a great one for jokes and I remember the communal delight in our faces when he told us of the Olympic swimming pool on camp - we spent an hour searching with towels and trunks that evening for this darned elusive pool.

    I think Euro '90 was on so the NAAFI was wild with football fever. I have never spent so much money on alcohol in my life. The cheers and tears I remember vividly... and I never really liked football!

    The RPs were a funny lot - RAPC RPs just did not seem as scary as my Inf Regt ones. One took a dislike to me because he served in the RAPC attached to my Battalion and they didn't like him one jot! Fire drill practice under this particular RP was not fun for me!

    Stagging on with the WRACs was great fun - ghost stories and mystical tales abounded - memorable nights indeed. I even met a girl in Winchester during that course who is one of my best friends all these years later.

    Yes - Worthy Down was very memorable for me...seeing as this is the NAAFI bar I should end on a more 'worthy' note than some romance story...On the final end of course psss up I drank far more than I should have and I remember hurling it all up out of the barrack room window during the night. The problem was that we were on the second floor and the rooms below had RSM's inspection the next morning. The windows were of the type that opened from the bottom outwards rather like a sliding garage door. I recall a cry in the dark of 'whasssat!!!' as my barf splashed on to the window below and entered their immaculate room. This was followed by cries and yells as I followed it with a seemingly never ending cascade before the window shut. I did the decent thing in the morning with a metal bin of hot water and a broom before their inspection! :D Happy memories (I still have all the photos I took of the course and the psss up).
  8. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Friday morning muster parades. Taking bets on how many people would keel over from the excesses of the Thursday night NAAFI bop.
  9. Went there once on an all arms course. The best bit was handing the car pass in at the gate on the way out.

    I thought our accomodation was bad....
  10. Mrs Whiplash, jesus that take me back. I did B3 back in '89. I still remember when we had a typing test and the aforementioned Mrs Whiplash wrapped a ruler across one of the lad's knuckles. 'Use all your fingers' she said. 'I am' he replied holding his only 2. He was an Engineer who had a mishap with a detonator. Que red face and her running out in tears. Que 20 hairy arssed squaddies pis sing themselves laughing.

    I remember on orders that anyone caught smelling of booze in the afternoon will be RTU'd. God bless extra strong mints.
  11. Basic training at chichester
    Female rupert throwing a pair of boots across the room as they hadnt been buffed . They hit the window and go outside right on to the c.o s car funny as hell .

    Proudest moment was my gandfather turning up for my passing out he was seriously ill but still made the journey.
  12. Cheers for that. And how does that relate to Worthy Down then?
  13. On Class 3 course in 1998, walking into the NAFFI on my first Thursday night there.

    Foam party.

    Bouncy castle on patio.

    A couple f**king on said bouncy castle!

    F**k me, I thought, this beats ATR Winchester! :D