Worthy cause

thrombo said:
bloody right. is it just motorbike stuff he sells?
looks like it from his e-bay page but I guess he could probably get all sorts of motoring gear if the demand was there.
The guy basically sells performance brake and oil lines from the HEL range and soon Goodridge, and he makes to order too from scratch which he says he prefers... going to get my brake lines and oil cooler lines for my ducati from him
Durham_Productions said:
It's also backed by MissionFish, which means the 10% donation is added directly to his eBay bill and he can't 'forget' to pay it. Good bloke! Wish I hadn't sold my bike...
he told me that last year he gave a donation from the sales to his local air amulance charity, this year he saw the HFH charity on the BBC, he lives near RMCTC his granddad was at Normandy and his parents worked at the local RAFA.

Seems a genuine enough fellow, and there should be a damned sight more like him

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