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Isn’t the SE basically a budget iPhone 5?

The 6 was a big jump from a 5. Go for it.

I’m currently running a 7 plus and apart from having no headphone jack I can’t really tell the difference between this and my 6S plus which I drowned on the West Highland Way.

6S is a decent phone. Good battery life, screen is loads sharper than the 5.
Mrs Dev recently went from 5S to 6 and seems happy, the bigger screen suits her. I have a 5S and am due an upgrade in September. I'm not sure I want to though. My 5S has an Otterbox case and sits nicely in a pocket. I might upgrade but not if my provider wants to up the monthly cost by more than a few quid. Most likely scenario, I upgrade, youngest Devexette pinches new phone and I stay with m y 5S, ho hum.


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B&Ws P5 at home. P3s in workbag and a pair of C5s for travelling, phone use.
But I trade pints for new high end Samsung earbuds, they're the best oe ones going.

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