Worthwhile units in the West Midlands

Any units in the West Midlands actually give a **** about their recruits? Or do all of them treat them as inconveniences that clutter up their nice new TA centers?

Tell me there's something better out there. Or is any kind of interest, motivation and administrative competence too much to expect?


Strangely similar to my post:
However i was looking at it from a trained soldiers perspective who wished to transfer, Units that looked like they fitted my criteria were 29 MI Coy and the Comando engineers in sheldon.

However i've been mobilised so transfering will have to wait.


usmarox Out of interest which unit are you with at the moment??? i have a sneaking suspicion we may know each other!

Check your pm's


Come to 210 bty in Wolverhampton. Our recruiting team have trained 63 recruits in 1 year, and we regularly get 20 recruits on parade every tuesday night. If you would like more information pm me


Try the RMLY in either Dudley or Telford. Both have dedicated recruiting troops that concentrate on little else but getting you through the system.

If they are not working then I would be interested to know, having helped set them up!!
ben0239, tried PM'ing you, but it doesn't seem to be going through


usmarox check your pms.
210 also have a seperate recruiting troop consisting of 5 nco's who are responsible for trainign and recruiting.
Say hello to TANK for me
67 (QOWWY) Sig Sqn in Stourbridge have a good track record for getting recruits through the system and up to the same standard as the fully trained soldiers. It hasn't taken that long for the recruits to get their uniforms and have been looked after even when on non recruit training weekends.

If you want more info, give me a shout.



Sorry to hear your not enjoying yourself in the TA, have you tried 35 Signals.

They are working very hard to make sure their recruits are looked after.

Units are

89 Sqn Rugby

58 Sqn Newcastle

HQ Coventry

48 Sqn Birmingham

95 Sqn Shrewsbury

Rusty :thumleft:
Sir_Sidney_Ruff_Diamond said:
29 Military Intelligence Company (V) recently moved to Stourbridge. Well worth a look.
They did? I thought they were still in Brum. Hum. Does this mean they're colocated with the 67 Sigs detatchment?

I did look at the MI generalist coy in London...not too keen on the idea of just learning security.
29 Coy are now the main unit in Stourbridge and cover the West Midlands, East Midlands (Nottingham) and North West (Chorley)

BTW you wouldn't do 'just' sy.

You would be trained in Int and Sy and be expected to fit in to any role if/when mobilised or on exercise. So don't think your options are limited at the get go, as they are not.

In this instance the cliche is true, you get out what you put in.

PM me for more info.


Stroker, i know a couple of guys in your unit, who i would love to get in touch with again. One of them is called P./' D;';'#y, he did op telic 3 and was a l/cpl.


War Hero
Yeah, if my translation is correct he's still there. About to go off and and try and earn the right to swop a pair of his black boots for brown shoes so won't see him for a couple fo weeks. PM your details/name/no etc and I'll text them to him.


Richard_Hannay said:
What about the West Midlands Regiment in Sheldon?
The WMR is very hot on recruiting at the moment, but as soon as you are a trained soldier everything seems to stop. Very little focus on retention.

They have loads of TAC's about the west mids too!


spigot said:
The WMR is very hot on recruiting at the moment, but as soon as you are a trained soldier everything seems to stop. Very little focus on retention.

They have loads of TAC's about the west mids too!
Hope you put that on the questionaire!
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