Worthwhile applying now?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by ryanp16, Jan 14, 2013.

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  1. I'm in my third year of a four year uni course (maths and physics). I would like to join the Royal Engineers as an officer. Would it be worthwhile starting my application now? Or is it too early? I had originally intended waiting until June to apply, but I'd like to get the ball rolling.
  2. Ryan

    Get on with it now. A considered approach and final decision ( yours) will be far more effective than one that is rushed.
    get to the web site and start the ball rolling.

    Old Rat
  3. Alright, will do! Thanks!
  4. Start now as above. Can take many months.

    Good luck and enjoy it if you get there!
  5. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Get on it now. If you pass you might well still end up with a bursary for your final year: much better than a kick in the nuts.
  6. Right I'm in the process of filling out the application form online and it's a bit worrying. A county council maintenance grants gets me through university, and tuition fees are payed for by the government. This is the case for the vast majority of students here. Because of this I've never needed a job. The only work I've had was one day of stock taking in a DIY shop a few years ago. Will no work experience be a problem for the application?

    Also I'm not really involved with any "leadership" type things. However I am a part of my university Saint Vincent de Paul foundation and we volunteer with homeless people etc.

    Are they likely to see these things and simply say "not officer material" or do I at least get a chance?

  7. In my (very limited) experience, you will get a chance. But how are you going to convince them that you are officer material if you've never even had a job? What is your answer going to be when they ask you why you haven't been using your spare time (you're at uni; let's face it, there is a lot of spare time) to gain leadership experience. Just because, as you pointed out, you didn't NEED a job doesn't mean that you couldn't go out and get experience. Obviously having a degree is beneficial, but if you were the recruiter, would a degree be enough to convince you somebody is 'worthy' to go to RMAS? Especially when considering the vast majority of applicants have degrees. I'm not trying to put you off or cause any alarm, this is just my opinion. Having said all that, go to Westbury, smash it and you'll be fine. Demonstrate a high degree of leadership potential there and anything prior will be irrelevant. Apologies if this isn't the answer you were hoping for or I come across as a bit of a pessimistic knob.

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  8. The fact that you get off your arse and do something in the community will be received in a positive light. The same applies if you do any sporting activities on a regular basis. I doubt that everyone who has made it through AOSB and then Sandhurst spent 6 years in the ACF, got a DOE gold award and played prop for the 1st XV. If you are serious about this, have you condsidered joining your local UOTC? You have some time to prepare for this so getting some insight into how the Army does their thing will help in preparing for selection and your chances of success.

    RE is an excellent choice with good opportunities for professional development (chartered engineer etc.) but the Sigs and REME would wlecome someone with your degree too. It's important to prepare and impress at every stage, so when you attend interview make sure you are clued up on current affairs, Army structure/history and defence matters in general. If you come across as someone who spends a fair chunk of their life within the Xbox bubble, it's unlikely that you'll impress. As said previously, familiarisation visits are helpful, Potential Officer Insight Course is a must as you will get a feel of what's to come at briefing/selection. You'll get a written opinion of your potential from this which the ACA will share with you that can identify what to work on.
  9. I didn't have much in the way of employment history when I went to RCB (now called AOSB) and I was fine. Volunteering will look good to them, likewise sports/OTC, etc.

    Very few students have much in the way of leadership experience, aside perhaps from captaining a sports team or running the students union. AOSB is not really looking for leadership experience, they are looking for leadership potential; so do you have what it takes to be moulded into an army officer (in leadership terms). If you have the right sort of personality (outgoing, friendly and prepared to put yourself forward in a group), are fit enough, bright enough and live by a decent set of morals, then you should be fine (provided you don't have any other serious character flaws).

    Don't panic, give it a go.

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  10. Thanks for all the advice! I probably should have said at the start that I'm actually Irish and live in Ireland so joining UOTC is impossible.
  11. Ah, that explains the SVP involvement :) I'll guess Cork or Dublin.
  12. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    A lack of work experience won't be a major issue provided that you can demonstrate that you have used your free time well. Both Briefing and the Main Board are focused on what you do there and it might well be the case that someone who appears to have a wealth of experience but still comes off as a bit of a chopper will be less impressive to the Board than someone who has little 'relevant' background but does well in the assessments.

    The key thing is to get your application in: if you aren't in it, you can't win it.

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  13. Pretty close! I'm from Tipperary and at university in Dublin!

    Anyway thanks for all the advice! Greatly appreciated! I'll do my best to get a job but I wont worry too much about it. I'll stay involved with SVP and I'm also part of the rifle club and the to a lesser extent the rowing club. Hopefully it'll help!