Worth taking a car to Phase I?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by worm, Nov 16, 2008.

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  1. Pretty much as it says in the title. Had a bit of a search, and couldn't come up with answers (but that could just mean I'm being thick).

    I was under the impression in Phase 1, I won't be allowed off camp for at least the first 6 or 7 weeks, and past that point, only at weekends if I've got everything squared away. However having had a word with some relatives, one currently serving and one ex-army, they said I'd end up being real popular and that it's a great idea to take my car (although, it makes me assume I'll get pinged to give people lifts here there and everywhere)

    My previous plan was to leave the car at my parents and let them use it every now and again, as the battery is a bit shoite, and would probably go flat not being used for 6 to 14 weeks. (I also thought everybody was supposed to turn up by train, but I could be wrong). Should I stick to this, or buckle and take the car with me?
  2. You wont be able to park it on camp.

    Live it at your folks untill Phase 2.
  3. Don't take a car with you. Why stand out in a crowd on your 1st day and draw unecessary attention to yourself? You're asking for a hardtime.
  4. Leave your car at home. One less distraction while you are going through your training. There will be plenty of time to get it sorted once you are through Phase 1.
  5. I agree with the previous post, Leave it at your folks, it will be too much trouble than its worth. Also you should not go there trying to be popular, That too often get mistaken for being used as a bitch for everyone.
  6. My wife is at Phase one and had to leave her brand new Cooper convertible with me to look after as the joining instructions explicitly said recruits' cars would not be allowed on camp (Pirbright).

    It's a hairdressers'car-but great fun!
  7. Cheers guys. Pretty much what I'd already thought, but it's always worth getting a 2nd opinion. Car stays home :thumleft:
  8. You know it makes sense.You can always use warrants to get home if needs be.