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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by PemTao, Mar 29, 2012.

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  1. Hello all.

    I'm currently in the soldier application process, first job choice is OPMI. Got a deferral at the minute as they detected a slight heart murmur at ADSC, got the routine second opinion at the hospital on Monday. I'm sure it'll be fine. But...

    I've read on here and the Army website that it is Int Corps policy (or the DVA's? With the Developed Vetting) that applicants must have both parents being British citizens.

    During my second interview at the AFCO I told my recruiter I was worried my application into the Int Corps might fail as my mother isn't a British citizen (she's from the Philippines, has 'indefinite leave to remain' in the UK) and my father, who was a British citizen, died when I was 16. Also my mother unfortunately, as far as I'm aware, (we don't really speak much now) has a criminal record for an assault of some kind (not sure how serious). Stupidly, I forgot to tell my recruiter at the time about her supposed criminal past. I don't have a criminal record whatsoever.

    My recruiter went off to ring Chicksands to ask about the citizenship of my parent's, and basically came back with "they said that although the rules might say what they say, it's judged on a case by case basis and it seems you're the type of person they're looking for at the moment so you should be fine provided you pass Int Corps selection".

    I was inclined to believe at the time that I might be okay, but recently I've been thinking it could quite possibly stop me. I don't want to waste my time getting ready for and doing Int Corps selection and then being refused because of this.

    Could anyone please give any advise on what might happen? Is this going to be a problem or not?
  2. I really don't have a clue about their entry restrictions but from what you've been told already it sounds good news for you ad they are judging it on individuals case by case. If its what you want you might as well go for it mate,and even if you get knocked back at least you tried.
  3. Just crack on with it, the worst that can happen is that you get your second choice. Never say never and all that.
  4. I feel like they were just trying to make me feel better about it, haha. If applicants are vetted by the DVA and it is ultimately their decision, not that of the Intelligence Corps, not matter how bad they might want me I can still be refused. I'm sure I've read an old thread on here about a guy from a Chinese background, despite being told he passed Int Corps selction was still refused because of the DVA, if I remember correctly.
  5. Crack on with the application, there are all sorts serving within the INT CORPS (which is how we refer to it in writing, by the way).

    One of my parents is not of British birth and I myself hold dual nationality. It is NOT a bar to the INT CORPS, but might be a bar to certain material. Don't worry about that now. Nor lend any worry to your Mother's previous.

    Concentrate on selection, prepare yourself as well as possibly, and GOOD LUCK.
  6. INT CORPS it is. Indeed, I have been preparing for selection. Thanks for the heads up, I hope you're right in that they aren't enforcing the rule to the letter.
  7. Ex member myself and served along side many duel nationality blokes and girls. Just be completely honest when completing vetting as know a couple of guys who were booted for not coughing previous brushes with the law. Sure it will be fine.
  8. Mother has a history of asault eh? So does mine. She used to use a GBFO wooden spoon on the back of my legs, ******* hurt too.

    But they let me in ...
  9. 'duel'? You were definitely OPMI! OP , however no worries, it is case-by-case. Declare your mum's misdemeanours; they'll find out anyway but would have little bearing on your vetting as she is responsible for you, not vice versa. Although be prepared to be potentially barred from certain deployments, operational areas because of your DUAL nationality. Good luck.
  10. Okay, I passed ADSC with a grade B, but my interviewing officer said he wasn't going to put me forward for INTCORPS selection as he believed I am unable to pass it. A bit gutted that I don't even get the opportunity, but whatever. I am meant to accept he 'knows what's best'! He thinks I'm also underselling myself by having my 2nd and 3rd choices down as RAC and RA and thinks I should 'discuss with the careers office about going for a more technical trade'. I've been thinking about changing 1st and 2nd to Air Despatcher and Driver Communications Specialist both within RLC and keeping third as RA. Anyway...

    The real problem is I've been deferred, although I passed selection. Reason is I mentioned me and my partner are going through a mortgage application for our first house. We're buying for £112,750 which leaves us with a mortage of around £595 a month. Which the ADSO wasn't happy with. He said it was Army policy that they can't accept anyone with outgoings of more than 35% of their salary. My heart sank. I thought, 'WTF'? I said to him we're responsible people, I'm not going to run out of money and starve whilst in training, and he said he believed me. But he said he still had to not give me a basic training date until I can prove to the AFCO that either I'm not going through with the mortgage, or I can agree with my partner that instead of us paying 50/50 on bills and mortgage like we originally wanted I could work out a plan with the Army that shows only upto 35% of my Army salary is going out, which is something like £350, but my partner won't be able to afford that because she doesn't earn enough to make up the difference.

    We're both pretty pissed off about it but I suppose rules are rules. I'm going to the AFCO on Saturday to discuss it and find out why that policy is there as the officer didn't really explain why. I'm hoping some knowledgeable folks on here can inform me of any special work arounds that the Army may consider or am I fucked unless I drop this mortgage? Why does the Army even have this policy? Incase soldiers get in debt? End up not being able to afford food, etc? It's ridiculous!

    This, coupled with his decision not to give me a crack at INTCORPS selection has got me thinking of applying for the RAF as Police or Intelligence Analyst in the meantime, providing they don't have this 35% outgoings rule too.

    Please help!
  11. Applying for the RAF Police is not a good idea if your being put forward for techie trades. Snowdrop is the bottom of the pile pay and trade wise.

    Agree to sort the mortgage at 35% salary. What you actually give your partner is sod all to do with anyone else.
  12. I may get shot down for this but have you thought of going Int Corps TA? There's the possibility of going full time, and even sometimes carrying your rank across.

    Think of it as try before you buy if your heart is set on the Int Corps.
  13. So you think the Army will not notice or be bothered if, I agree to directly pay towards my mortage with 35% Army salary, the rest I can give to my partner? I can just imagine them doing very probing financial checks, especially after this is now on my selection record, that they will question "why is all this money going to your partner's account? It's not to pay any more to this mortgage and utility bills you said you wouldn't, is it?". Because I'll be having little contact with her whilst in basic training so I'll still need a standing order to her bank account of at least 50-65% of the money you get in basic.
  14. What I meant you snivelling little cnut is, pay 35 % by direct debit. Go to the cash point and get beer tokens for your bird so she aint out of pocket.

    Now I see why the recruiter said you'd fail the intelligence course.

    I hear the RAF police are recruiting but I wouldn't bother applying to them either. There will be worries about what you'll do with the dogs.
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  15. Haha. Thanks. I was indeed asking a genuine question back to you however. I'll try and find some workaround like you said. What I'd still like to know is why is this policy there? Is it REALLY because they're worried about soldiers going into debt and possibly starving and having to beg their CO for bailout credits? It's the only reason the interviewing officer could give me. It just seemed a bit odd and lame.