Worth bottling/ flooding of memories

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by down_under, Sep 24, 2007.

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  1. We recently had our Battalion Ball and one of the fellas brought along a sheila mate of his family. Well feck me if she wasn't from Manchester. Great I thinks. She was exactly like some the woman I'd met on Long Look. Gobby, full of herself, dress sense of a chick from Richmond,(no offence meant LOL) and an all round top chick. Thought I'd have some fun and play the, 'I don't know that accent so you must be from Liverpool', well didn't she splinter. She spent the next 10 minutes letting me know she was from Manchester and this and that and some more of this and that. What a top bird. All the other sheilas, well some of them, didn't know what to make of her. I am glad I did Long Look cause after some months over there it put me in good stead to work out this Brit chick, somewhat? After the Ball we went to another pub to kick on and they were broadcasting of all things, on pay tv, a match of the day with Man City playing. That's where she stayed till full time.
    Only reason for this post is that it brought back some excellant memories of getting on the piss in England and the many laughs. Brit chicks...Awesome :D
  2. So did you shag her ?
  3. I didn't get that pissed :D :D :D

  5. I ahm, liked her for her erm personality... :)
  6. So:

    1. She was ugly or,

    2. You're gay.

    Actually mate, to be fair I don't think I'd do a bird from Manchester either. Or anywhere northern, really. They look OK on Hollyoaks but in real life they are shaped like the cooling towers they live near, and smell of old canals.

  7. I am not gay, although I did meet some 3 Para Mortar fellas when I was in the UK... :D But she was very big, I mean very big. That's why I was scared/let it go lol :D :D
  8. So you had a Wallaby instead! :D