Worth a transfer from Recce to Int Corps?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by bloodgroup_o+, Jul 8, 2009.

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  1. Hi folks. Apoligies for the essay. I'm currently in an FR regiment and get to do basic surveillance in my job albeit in the mud of an OP or from a CVRT. However I recently did a course involving photography and working in an urban environment and found it to be really interesting and rewarding. I'm unhappy in my current unit because of the "just a trooper "factor where you're just messed around, told nothing, sent on arduous courses for a specific theatre role, and then sent to do something completely different not in the brochure, ie setting up tents in bastion an being an all round bitch for obnoxious SNOC's. Rather than utilise lads' strengths, which are highlighted in reports and even commended by members of other regiments you instead get used as a spare part to wipe other peoples a***. Rant over.

    My question is this, in the job description for OPMI there is mention of surveillance as a speciality later on and I was wondering if this was truly a corps role, or if it relates to other units accessible throughout the forces. Would my stronger areas be identified and then used within the corps? Or am I as well going for Recce in another unit instead? I have asked a OPMI this before but they just informed me of a job with the security service which I am not intrested in because I plan to stay in the Army.

    Any replies piss taking or otherwise are appreciated (though I hope at least a few will be helpful)
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    In truth mate it sound very much like you are going through the same thing I did for a while. Its the whole growing up in the Cavalry thing...as an obviously intelligent Trooper its going to grind you down I know it did me and I had a good 5 years of it before getting made up. I considered transfer to The Int Corps and even the f**king rock apes at one point or another(yes it was that bad).
    You have got to ask yourself what you want out of the Army FR is a great role but it will only take you so far, it is a far more complex beast than it was in my day (the Army that is) with far greater scope for more specialist ops.
    Ultimately I stuck with it and it did improve with age, but I always raged against the Old School thick as F**k SNCOs who thought shouting abuse was the answer to all problems. I used to think of them as snakes, you know the one, ultimately they are more scared of you than you are of them so they react aggressively.
    IT IS A GOOD REGIMENT. It sometimes just does not seem like that,you can try to change it from within or try something different. Your choice, i believe you can always go back if it doesnt work out(No I wouldnt either).
    Good luck whatever you do.
  3. sounds like you asked the wrong OPMI mate :)
  4. Cheers for that reply it was very helpful and I'll take it on board and you are spot on throughout!
  5. GB Snr said that it was the realisation that in 20-odd years, he would still be cleaning tanks on a frozen park at silly o'clock, whether he made RSM or not. His brother pointed out that not being allowed to leave the Regimental boxing team may have been a factor...

    After JLR RAC, and a couple of years on Conqueror and Centurion (it was the early 1960s - I think he was before Squad 1...), he transferred to the Int Corps and seemed to enjoy it - stayed there for the rest of his 22 years. And I do believe that he got to do his fair share of "surveillance".
  6. Basically, I'd say yes, transfer. The sort of opportunities you are talking about do exist in the Int Corps. Don't transfer expecting to do that overnight though; but the sooner you look into making a move the better, it'll be a step towards that side of life. As has been said, if you stay put chances are you'll probably get ground down. Good luck.
  7. as Martin Freeman wisely said: "it is better to be at the bottom of a ladder you want to climb, than halfway up one you don't."
  8. Have you considered going for 4/73 Battery?
  9. Without knowing more about your situation it’s difficult to give an exact answer. However CR has perhaps summed up the situation for you quite well. I transferred into the Corps from a recce regiment in the 1990's. I certainly enjoyed Int more than the RAC. However you will still find certain things that irritate you in the RAC are also present in the Int Corps. It's still the army after all. Ultimately it depends on you of course, however there is no harm in say speaking to your members of your local security/Int section or whatever and getting the low down.
  10. Choose wisely, there are parts of the Int Corps where you can still be sweeping the hangar or gun park after 15 years. If you know what you DON'T want to do, your experience in the RAC will be invaluable.

    Also worth speaking to the SNCO recruiter in D Int Corps.