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Worth a read......

Very impressive, in its way, but those charged with organising the event were quite open about the reason it was happening: this, they told us, is what the spin doctors want you to see.

By the time the Defence Secretary, Geoff Hoon, arrived to inspect the troops, earlier this week, Downing Street's coyness came face to face with reality.

It's as if, having sent the troops out, the government would somehow like us to forget that they're there

On a chilly, murky afternoon, the men of 42 Commando laid out some of their kit for the minister to inspect.

There were weapons aplenty, including a handful of 105 millimetre light guns, parked in a row, their barrels pointing in the general direction of Iraq.

Even a couple of snipers, heavily camouflaged, peering from a shallow foxhole. It was contrived, static and felt more like a stand at a trade fair than British soldiers getting ready for war.

But somehow it was altogether too realistic for Mr Hoon's media handlers, who ticked off the Royal Marines spokesman for this martial display.

His response was terse: what exactly had the secretary of state expected to see on a visit to the troops?
There was a BBC report on last nights news about some bloke called IDS, who apparently is the leaders of the opposition, visiting troops for a fact finding mission.

The actions of the MOD minders stopping any shots of troops looking warry would have been funny if it wasn't so sad.

Anyone remember the great MOD mouthpiece from the Falklands, Ian McDonald. I suspect the current lot have been reading his note on how to destroy any confidence between press and military.
It seems every statement by a politician nowadays, is prefaced with  "War is not a certainty" . Only the British ones genuinely seem to believe it. The American ones say it, then talk about Whooping Saddams raghead a s s

MOD need to get real. The british public are not going to get the arrse, seeing troops behaving in a warry fashion. They will in fact, want to see them doing that, which will reinforce the confidence, they can look after themselves, and come home safe.

Let's hope IDS points out any shortfalls in equipment , publicly in the house, and exposes Hoon for the snakeoil salesman he really is.
......MOD minders stopping any shots of troops looking warry........

I'm trying to stay out of politics on Arrse...I really am....but this so-called 'government' of ours has my blood reaching boiling point every single day.

Fcukin' stand by......

I wondered how long the goody-two-shoes-I-have-been-assimilated phase would last  :)


Slightly off topic but i felt that the quote from a yank soldier was worth repeating.  
When asked what particuar skills he and his unit have, he answered
"We kill people, sir, and blow things up."

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