Wort Posting Ever

Discussion in 'REME' started by matregs, Mar 17, 2005.

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  1. 30 Sigs LAD, followed by 3Fd Wksp (6BN to you sprogs)
  2. Shite...... the Sigs whinging is spreading
  3. Strangely enough - when I was at 30 in Bramcote it was the best posting of my Army career ( so far) !!! Perhaps you should stop whinging, go to the nice new Naafi for a Beer and a Burger ( after utilising the Gym and swimming pool ) get some dosh from the nice new Families Naafi or post office on Camp, saunter past the in camp MQ's through the Ex RAF camp i.e. not squaddie shitsville and grab a taxi down to Milleniums ( 4 quid ) to get some nice female company.

    Alternatively you could set about making the LAD the best place on Camp to work as is used to be before moaners like you moved in.

    still got Honda 5.5's and 501 Dets ?

    Whats your problem then ?!


    Arte et Marte - Bodgitt and Scarper
  4. must be a long time ago. £4 for a taxi. Try £12 each way. Signals in camp communication skills = 0. Bar pumps hardly ever working (got a bit better witha new manager). Lotts of variation in PT, either X-Contry or Bergan runs, 3 times a week & no interest in unit sports. Great unit, not!!!!
  5. Aahhhhhh, the windbreaks - ran round them many a time, sometimes even the opposite way for some variation !!.

    12 quid for a taxi ????? - why don't you walk it back ?! - did that once or twice too. Better still I will get another posting there and start Cabbying for a tenner !!!!
  6. 8 Fld Wksp in the early 80s. Renowned as a penal posting, not penis :D, although...........
  7. 30 sigs was a top place, Nuneton on the piss and plenty of slim birds what more do you want?
  8. Worst posting it's got to be a toss up between Catterick and Hounslow - No Hounslow wins hands down - what a sh*8 hole
  9. Catterick is a fantastic posting you just have to be willing to get out and about 1hour from Leeds and 1 hour from Newcastle. As much countryside as you could ask for. I love it.

  10. Thought I had the worst posting being in Fally - then told the ASM to stop being a cnut over something or other... found meself in Tidworth within a month... aw..fuggit!
  11. Never done sigs, 10 AB Workshop wasn't nice for a fat A mech!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. im in...... bordon.....now...plz help....need...posting....
  13. Been posted to all of the penal colonies; Bordon, Falli, Catterick and Tidworth. I have enjoyed all of my postings and firmly believe they are what you make them. Is the glass 1/2 empty or half full?

  14. Tidworth? - 1/2 full if pi$$ mate!
  15. If you put piss in the glass you get piss out!!