Worst UK Towns and Cities

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Macks, Nov 25, 2003.

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  1. Without even looking at that link, I'd nominate Hartlepool. Anybody been there? It's like a re run of Mobey Dick. Lots of thick, dodgy looking hairy matelot types........and that's just the women & kids.
  2. Ayr on the West Coast of Scotland.....never seem such a high evidence of inbreeding.....shudder when remembering, either that or they have a cloning facility up and running.
  3. Newry, NI, 50,000 people traped such a tragady alive
  4. Oi!
    My family come from Ayr! Well, actually it's Ayrshire. Irvine and Kilmarnock, but close enough to take offence! :)
    Mind you, I'm only about 1/4 Scot, so best not make myself into a Piccadilly Highlander, hey?
    I'd nominate Swindon! I can't believe it's not there! Has anyone ever visited the place? Answer is probably yes. Has anyone ever visited Swindon twice? Didn't think so.
  5. Sodding Chippery or is that Chipping Sodbury. Daft name. Deserves all it gets.
  6. All of the Isle of Man (apart from TT week). 10,000 alcoholics all clinging to a rock. Now if ever there were a bunch of six fingered gits.......
  7. Bradford, that festering sore on the armpit of humanity. Grim, dismal, depressing, horrid sink-hole for the scum of the world, (and probably other worlds as well). A city that looks at disease-ridden third world slums and hopes that, with huge amounts of EU funding, it may one day almost be on a par with them.
    Even the rats have got ricketts, and dream of a quick death at the hands of vivisectionists.
    The Horror, the Horror!
  8. Stockport, cos it's nite life is boring and dominated by hoards of 15 year olds high on alco-pops and maryjane.

    Second Bradford. What a slum.

    Third has to be East Kilbride. LORDY !
  9. Rotherham. Nuff said.
  10. Anywhere down south.

    The kind of place that breeds the sort of contemptable people that put lemonade in beer.
  11. Also Berwick-on-Tweed

    A town that should be ashamed to be Northern.

    After asking the barman where it was best to go for a good night, he replied "1 hour north to Edinburgh, or 1 hour south to Newcastle".

    No sh*t, what a dump
  12. ANDOVER, in Hampshire..........Typical Army town..........you cant go out for a quiet pint without having to defend yourself, your wife or your kids against pissed up squaddies.
  13. Why has nobody nominated Grantham, which must be one of the most wretched holes on the planet, let alone the country. Also in Lincolnshire Sleaford, probably one of the most inbred places ever (visit the chippie by the Church and see what I mean) and Caythorpe, not a town as such but still a sh1thole.
  14. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    The Humber is the a r s e h o l e of Europe, and Hull is somewhere up it.