WORST UK employer: SCC ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by two_of_seven, Aug 29, 2010.

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  1. I am interested to know, if anyone knows of a worse UK based emplyer than this one SCC - Europe's Largest Independent IT Group ?

    Despite being contracturally obliged to have an annual salary review they just dont bother (whilst being owned by the 158th richest person in the country.)

    Overtime & expenses take seven weeks or more to be paid

    Sick pay is limited to 8 days annually

    Use of private vehicles is reimbursed at 11 pence per mile (instead of HMRC's 40 ppm figure)

    & to get a plactic cup of water is billed at 2 pence each

    Bizarrely they arent on the Sunday Times list of best companies to work for

    It may sound like wingeing in this economic climate, I did believe I was joining something other than some rip-off merchants
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  2. This is more or less exactly the same as manpower that im contracted by.
  3. as a contractor you expect less than as a permanent employee, do they charge you for water too?
  4. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    I'm working for this lot at the moment as a contractor to fill in for a bit before I get a 'proper' contract again. no complaints at the minute.
    as for salary review/sick pay, are you a permanent employee or on a contract? and as for the water, thought about bringing a bottle from home?

  5. I am permanent now, but as a contractor they gave us all a 10% pay cut to help tide themselves over when the economy went downhill.

    I am familiar with the water bottle thing, its just when I am away from my desk & fancy a drink I have to fork out (again)
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  6. How did this pile of shite whinge end up in the Current Affairs section of a military themed website?
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  7. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    if you find it's that intolerable, as ever, nothing to stop you looking for something else.
  8. thanks for the reminder
    I was just curious as to wether Im letting it all get to me, or if these things are becoming increasingly the norm?

    (apologies to CQMS for intruding on his corner of the internet)
  9. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    I think, you're just letting it get to you. there are (still) nice employers out there if you look, and having SCC on your cv if they are this big (I'd never heard of them till I got a call of them) will do you no harm at all will it? just stay cool and keep your eyes open, and the right opportunity will show itself. in the meantime - any courses/quals you can blag for when you do make a move?
  10. courses \ quals i must pay for in advance & then be reimbursed when I present a pass certificate, & any monies given to me this way will be recovered by SCC

    thanks for the tips anyway
  11. No its free but they charge us for plastic forks spoons knifes.
  12. Surely all these points were put to you and explained when you took the job? You could only whinge if the T&Cs have been radically changed. On the sick days bit, many companies (including the aforementioned Tesco) won't pay anything for the first 3 days as the law states. Take a sickie cos you got the flu and you get docked a days pay. Some big companies won't pay until SSP kicks in so they can claim it back (or some of it).
    Big companies with large payrolls lose a lot if they try and be "caring" companies. I'm afraid the days of looking after your workforce because they are your biggest assets have gone out the window as there are so many ready and willing to step into the breach.
  13. Don't mean to butt in but why not bring a KFS from home, I keep one in my bag as I work at a lot of sites. Also it could be part of the company's "green" policy to reduce wastage, if you have to pay for it then less likely to waste it, same with the water, you are not paying so much for the water but for the cup
  14. Eh are you working in the VM offices free diggers up in Bellshill if you want to take your stuff to eat outwith the canteen
  15. In the IT Trade that approach is a surefire technique to end up with a complete grade A **** up on your hands. Piss the wrong member of staff off and the Support teams are having to learn a complete system damm near from the begining. I've seen it happen where a company went to the wall because no one knew exactly how anything hung together. Regardless of Microsoft's much vaunted PR not one single product they sell works exactly as it says out of the box, first time. Nor do any of their products work exactly as the the Good Book says in the real world
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