Worst time of year..

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by CSJay, Dec 23, 2008.

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  1. Don't post much on here, as not army, but a blue job (not blow) - Only an Oggie though (auxillary)

    But.. today is the day - Of the funeral of Lt Aaron Lewis - In my local town. He is the first local lad to have died - I have just stood on the pavement outside my Local church - and couldn't imagine what the family/friends were feeling, as his coffin draped in the Union Jack was taken into church... The traffic stopped in the busiest street in our town - People just parked up and got out to bow their heads - and that is how it should be done.

    I couldn't help feeling though, as people walked by without even a blink of recognition to the sight of no traffic, dozens of rozzers, and a big crowd... that people, really don't care - 1 example - a single mum (lot's round here) 2 kids, 1 in push chair, babbling on her phone - straight past the coffin and bearer party - It makes me sick.. it really does - However, i suppose we all signed the dotted line so she has the freedom to do that eh?

    Anyway, what an emotional few minutes it was - a lot of dust was in the local area. Couldn't comprehend my folks having to go through that, or anyone's to be honest..

    God Bless and RIP Lt Aaron Lewis - and especially at this time of year, regards to family and friends.

  2. My thoughts exactly mate, he died in defence of his gun position, beside his boys, defending his guns, there isnt a more fitting end for a Commando Gunner.
  3. CS.Nice post.
    I'm sure there are thousands of people sharing your thoughts.
    God Bless him and all the others who have given their lives.
  4. He may only have been a Kirkee biff :wink: but as Reni 77 says, there isn't a more praiseworthy or fitting way for any Gunner officer to die.
  5. "Defending his guns".

    There can be, in my simple mind, no greater epitaph for a Gunner.

    Respect and condolences.
  6. We have this in Guz, bad time, any time. Our local Armed Forces Day happened amid a roaring sense of ignorance, and yes, some of us very obviously are more bothered than others. Uniforms go about the City largely unnoticed. Easy to slip into a rant about these things, but in the end, it's best wishes and condolences to the family and mates of Lt Aaron Lewis. Rest in Peace, Sir.
  7. Very, very thoughtful post.
    RIP Lt Lewis
  8. The Freedoms, JUST SO!

    What extra feedoms do the military actually have as a result of the selfless duty for Queen and Country? The Mod could, if they wanted to, ensure that all due decorum is laid before all and any community, IF the Mod wanted? Do they??
  9. CS:
    Don't let the mum on the cell get to you, there are ignorant people everywhere. My condolances on the loss of a young man from your town.
    I'm from the other side of the pond but as far as I am concerned it does not matter if it is the loss of someone from US, Canada, UK, it is a loss of one of OUR men or women. My son is the same age as the lieutenant and it gets to me to think about it. I am sure his family took some comfort in the many who paid their respects. Must be a tough Christmas for the family though.
  10. Indeed you are right, just sometimes i hope there is still that little bit in people, where something does click, and they know they are doing wrong.. Hey ho!!

    Anyway I prefer this thread not to be overtaken by this ol' debate. And instead remain as what it was intended, in dedication and memorial.
  11. Well posted, CSJay.

  12. Nice one CS, very thoughtful and worthy of many more tributes too.
  13. i knew aaron when he was at uni as he lived up the road and went a'la'quang round Hornchurch and such and albeit he may of become an awesome leader and prob as a gunner died the way he would love to, however Britain has lost a truely awesome bloke..lived fast, died young, left a good looking corpse!

    RIP and God Bless
  14. nice to see the 2nd busiest road in southend completely empty for a true local hero.

    Once again Aaron RIP