Worst thing you've done to a fellow traveller on a long journey.

Cabin Crew have been known to put eye drops in the coffee of those who've incurred their displeasure.

I'm told a persistent and explosive dose of the shits in anything less than the privacy of your own home can be a devastating experience.
Sat next to them........

When every other seat was empty.
I had the misfortune to do a delivery trip with a bloke who was a complete cnut a couple of years ago. Quite a good sailor, but he was as boring as feck and couldn't stop talking. There aren't many places to get away from someone on a 39 ft Bavaria.
As it happened, I couldn't finish the trip as my wife was ill and I had to get home.
Did the decent thing and arranged for a mate to take over from me, having given him the SP on Mr.Tedious. He proceeded to turn up for the trip wearing both of his recently departed Gran's hearing aids and pretended that he was deaf for the next two and a half weeks, all the while listening surreptitiously to his iPod and admiring the view.


Something quite unpleasant was done to me when on exercise in Germany when some dozy prick accidently set off the fire extinguisher in the cab of the truck I was due to drive home. Then tried to wash it out with water, flooding the electrics and causing the brake low pressure warning to sound loudly all the way to Ostend, necessitating foam ear defenders all the way.

I've no idea if he was ever taken to task over this, but the silly old fuck has probably died of natural causes by now.
I offer in advance my sincere apologies to those concerned
I saw the title of the thread and thought this was yet ANOTHER one for the apron wearing brothers on the square...
Married her. Strangely, she doesn't seem to mind.

Takes all sorts, I suppose.
Ha! you fucking pussies. I once heated up a Steak and Kidney Pie and Spaghetti for a mucker who was on stag at the time. That taught the cunt!

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